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Sevens - Uncovered - The Breakdown Specialists

The breakdown has become a significant area for coaches and players to focus on. All players now need the technical skills and the intensity to compete at the tackle area and if players are poor in this area teams will be exposed. Some teams will select a specialist in this area and combine his skills with tackle technique from other players so that they work in units to turn over possesion

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He's the judge in their wonderful day with the turn with the game of rugby sevens won and lost on the number of try score possession of the ball is Kim when you have it you control the game and when you don't have it, you're trying to win it back at all costs. Any team aspiring to win tournaments or World Series titles has to boss the breakdown for many teams. It's the focal point of the entire game. This is South Africa's great strength from the counter-attack. They're doing it. Well, we are best form of attack the molten lava balls. You can give the more trouble they are because they're all an offside position and the defensive disorganized. So the list ball you give the opposition the bidders for your team just to keep them out of the game and to school tries what most of the teams have above us is they got am in speed but normally in the Seventh Ward your speeches on the guys, that's the best at predicting the ball. So if you can shut them down and you can still live balding they in trouble because in is no one forced to defend the games become so competitive the teams are becoming more organized in defense. So if you want to win a game you have to make sure you're going to win your body to break down. Most of the trees are coming from turnovers you seen it, you know against New Zealand in P. So it's important to protect your role in healthy recycle. Its I need to know who put it through the phases in their give yourself an opportunity to score some I think if you're not going to have you know players with that kind of ability, you know conceit and I was going to come see twice and it's going to cost you big time if you aspire to win the series, although it seems on the world stage some standout as Masters in this area. From either team is really setting the standard is Argentina. They really make it difficult for you at the breakdown in they've been very effective in their department or the past couple of years for us is very very important because instance, you know, you don't have too many opportunities to do a turnover. And so we are very specific with the guys about tackling and then start going to Rocky and forget about the ball just come for us. I think it's 50% also altitude we know that we are disadvantage with players are bigger than us. So when the guy in front of you is a little bit bigger and you want that butter in elevates you is like it gives you more confidence for the for the other aspects of the game. We know we have to keep improving in that area. We have to fill that Gap that we have in the in terms of size and with knowing Series titles to their name the reigning Champions clearly win their fair share of the ball you feeling This is a very strong team. They don't do it all the time. They know when to do it. That's the different of us and when you lose the ball, that's it. You're finished with the white Mickelson has got to finish Zealand. But Solomon King waiting in the back strong work over the top. They hit the collision and you get bodies out of the way, you get the reward of getting the ball back and getting it out of there quickly. It's just as important. That's that's the ultimate reward really again the ball back and giving it to guys like Frank highlight who can score Chaucer definitely good feeling you turn the ball over DJ flights coming through It has a Gateway Captain stolen it. Yes, he has great work. Jim does love contact, you know so far will be pretty good at it. And I think it's not trying to fight for everything. It's fighting for the ones that you know, you gotta hire the difference in Transylvania. So in this crucial to note is a crucial times and they can win this tournament.