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Strong Body Position for Scrummaging

A strong attack is built on a solid set piece, and a solid set piece depends on performing fundamental techniques well. In the scrum, this means a strong body position made up of many components. Log in to see the full version of this very useful video from Wasps community.

Video Subtitles

Picked up by he's sips avoid a sense of space and start of the game. It has to be the set piece for any any modern day forward. The set piece has to be where you start your game. We're going to work on our core strength. Okay. So in Years Gone by we've scrummage. We're nice white with a wide bind. We're going to work on you can like to Now call it core muscles. It's these are pushing muscles. I'm gonna push you back there trying to tense up and trying to push him back. Okay easy right this time. By induction short. Okay. I'm going to the same push you back again. Okay ready to go easier. You mind if I didn't push it out that that table. He did much stronger understand simply once he loses his head and he's spying goes he's lost. That's the end of his day. Yeah. So this time I want you to put your tongue on it with your mouth. Okay by doing that ignites another nine muscles in his neck. Okay, so keep it to keep your tongue out of your mouth same again. Yeah, okay. So we're gonna go check list. I can tell you the power and we'll start the checklist from above human body after the spine like to push to be strong. We don't walk alone. Like I do we or some of you do but we don't walk and let go no so likewise we should be pushing go down again head down and find we imagine we were a pair of spectacles like you pay spectacles. We're trying to look over the top of them or look for your eyebrows. What do you think about that fellas? Maybe remember we said about technology no call. Elbows pointing the ground to at 90 degrees are like yeah what Ben is back like a tank? He's like an angry cat at the moment any shoulder blades and scaps imagine you go knowledge between the shoulder blades and we doing that get your elbows in like a good night. You look good. It's gaps gaps gaps are inch Ed them drop that better or worse than when we started if we touch the screen machine yet. We haven't. Okay. So Sunday mornings when you co chairs hit the scan machine a simple all steady coach. Let's get the technique go first. Good light.