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Tips for Coaching Sevens Rugby

Sevens expert Russell Earnshaw talks through his coaching philosophy and approach to drills, exercises and games

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We have only for me as much as the kid's fitness is and there it's not necessarily talked about as a skill but I think without it everything else falls down. And then also what we're trying to encourage as being a skill really is decision-making so ability to find space and then below that catch passes obviously critical especially under pressure when you're fatigued and then in defense is just you know, that one-on-one tackling ability. We don't tend to do as much contact in training. I want to get them get their heart rate up and get them running around a lot and we'll do specific we might do a few minutes of contacts, you know, breakdown stuff of tackle stuff as a win if we can learn while we're doing Fitness. I mean that ultimately it's about my talks about being in the Red Zone. It's about being able to deliver in those moments. I just think you can get a much better blow on their learn much more while they're doing games and as opposed to running around doing mine the shuttles certainly with the sevens do accused. Functional fitness through games there might be times where for probably a you know, a psychological effect. We might do a bit of a bee sting so to say but then we would then go straight into skills of that. Anyway, it wouldn't be something we would necessarily do in isolation. The majority is really playing games manipulating the constraints in terms of Defenders attackers the time period the size of the area and just hopefully getting the players to solve the problems watch a lot of skill will be in the seven sides that often just stay in this nice line where there's no one really advancing So within this situation, you've got to go forward and you've got to stay connected to the two of you got to work really hard together and it's it happens really quickly. It's a bit chaotic and they'll be mistakes. But that's a guess that's where we learned. I did have a bit of work with a guy called Rickshaw with his Works. They are fused skill at guy and he's you know, he's been pretty instrumental in me trying to create more and more chaos because ultimately That's the game. It's not you don't see situations a lot of things that might be called. You know, I'd probably prefer to call things practices rather than drills. But where people are just doing the same thing again. And again, that's not the reality of the game. You don't see the same situation again and again and again, you might see similar situations, but it might be side different defense. So you might have a slightly different attackers. So it's about solving those problems. And so I think having chaos solving problems from that is is the the more the better way to learn rather than going. Well. Here's the structure is a really tight structure try and play heads up. I think a lot of coaches would say, well it's easy because I can control structure but once you've got structured very difficult to break away from that. Twelve defense. I mean what we're trying to put them you know, what we're trying to do is take an actress. I can see people inside of me. Now. I'm not saying I want that at the expense of a really neat line that's you know, lovely to attack against I still want us to be going forward but ideally were your shoulders, you know, we're Square so that we can we can make offensive tackles and we can scan both ways being connected really is about sometimes will do practices where they just start holding hands and we're connected were aligned this little bit like kabaddi on Channel 4 back in the day and they just work together as a unit and then when they feel like they need to let go they let go and they start to understand what the shapes of us. Good decision while John 2:1 I love it 12 John Paul, please Porter to all guys do it another line. Yeah. Now I don't have an exfoliant good work Max while telling defense can dry off like one has one pass. There's two passes good. Well done. Two tries three tries.