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Athlete Factory Bear Crawling

Another great conditioning exercise from Phil Greening at the Athlete Factory. This is perfect for Pre-Season and combines fitness and technical pointers for accurate body position at the breakdown. Use in isolation or integrate into games

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Nice strong Joker position one embraced going to do you knees outside your elbows spin to the edge of the grid and then do the same thing backwards to go forwards one way passively go knees outside knees outside. Good. So again, we're trying to get his range of motion is hips also understand this Court's ability to be a very powerful in that position because that's all at what we're doing to clean out or when we Jacqueline. That's the main part of that just priming them up to the next level. All this stuff is quite taxing on the body. So, you know, it's we try and go five or six reps or it be a maybe maybe a 20 meter track that you're using to go there and back so it's trying to get again trigger the heart rate up but also get their body Prime for those crucial positions. They need to get in to integrate them into conditioning games where you might have a skills block going a conditional block and go to and from that way we can reinforce some of the things the coaches are doing but we can do it once on one of fatigue and element then they can go back and work on the skill on the fatigue which is going to create more of a real-life game situation. So the attackers have to do a long Place once they touched once the touch long Place Defenders gone back. He'll do a bear crawl pie on please when you make it such that this one get This line get to the line first will be a big group to start a little Force. So you have all your weight on your toes and your hands need to stop or I'm going to walk through out the blue coat gets a blue coat and spring back into place. Just one lymph if cost and calls out reptile crawled slightly different going along the body position. And as you come through you're going to walk all the way swerve Sprint back in. Long Place Defenders gone back. It's very reassuring for the player and the athletes also for the cultures, you know a big thing as well, you know overlooked is the mental aspect if somebody goes into contact, you know feeling a little bit off the game or a bit unsure, you know, that's our injuries. Okay lot of the time but if someone's practicing these things in the ground way from the confidence and the not fearful of collision there go into the collision and when the collision and I'll a lot safer.