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Chopping Feet To Coach Safer Tackling

Use equipment or players to force players to take smaller steps prior to the tackle, as attackers get better at late movement defenders need to practise in more demanding positions

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So it's a tip that you might want to use when running your tackle technique is actually to put something like a sausage bag in the way. So the actual attacker comes out behind here you get these players now and pictures are so much better on a where, you know, the opposition's footwork. That's exactly what John do their reading skills try and you know get a week shoulder or Tater space or whatever. It might be and it's just it's very important when you've got the guy in your sights and you're about to tackle him that you're actually just watching is the middle part of his body sort of hip area to core area because you start watching the legs kiwi going all over the place. You're watching the eyes. He could be lying to you as well. We will be lying to you with his eyes. He's any good as an attacker so we could do it that I might even start this way the coach calls go. He says go. I turned the attacker comes which way is he going and I'm in so some of the technical points on pre tackle is when we're turning around here. We might close the space down and then it's small steps small steps because I don't know which way is going short steps. Yes short little because then we're only Split Second away from changing direction. Yeah, if we plant them with struggle, all right. Same thing but it's live. It's at about 60% But let's just make sure when we do sidestep. We're actually trying to you know, get to the cones and score as if the cones are the try line. Okay when you're ready, let's go. Driving back great. Let's finish the tackle. Now, we're going to finish the tackle complete the tackle. Nice tackle Alex and kids don't know any different, you know, they'll put their head in if and they'll just they'll try and make an impact. So to make sure Cricket techniques or torture on the tackle. I think a huge, you know, the more detail that can get put into that. I think that the safer the game will be at those grocery levels.