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Coaching tackle technique in groups

The ability to move from 1 to 1 tackling exercises into unit & group skills can be tricky. Here are some tips that you could use

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One of the big areas where you can improve on safety is around the technical competencies of your players and this covers senior players Junior players and many players. Anyone see a risk here. Sighs good good. Cool. Okay any other risks? Okay. Yep. So that's that's another one. So the conditions the conditions that you set for. Both players is really important any other risk from a technical point of view. We're trying to teach Mark how to tackle here. The really important thing is the conditions we set for this player. So what we're looking for you to do is to run the bat-line Run straight if you do move off you move to the left. Okay, what we don't do is we're not going to run over this player. If you do run and go over to this player, there is a danger. Also you're on your knees what happens if the player runs over you there's a difference in size. There's a danger that you're okay. So if you were to practice front on tackling Okay, and you were concerned that the players may go backwards. You need to be up on your haunches. So if you come up onto your haunches nice and low squat low. We're into the Tower of Power. Okay, so I think a few years back. We have done a lot of practice on our knees I'd say now. That's that's not the case. However as coaches it doesn't rule it out. Okay, but we could do exactly the same thing. You haunch down you come along you make the tackle. That's the next progression you go to ground Mark. There's then someone here coming through not running just going at good walking pace tackle me back up next one. So you're making three or four tackles and that's how you then progress the exercise. It's a tackle Channel. But what you're doing again, the skill of the coach is setting the conditions. If you make this Channel 20 meters wide, you know, if you make it to narrow the likelihood is people might try and bump people out the way. Okay. So what we're working on you might be working on the side the front tackle going to the side. Okay. So you want to give the attack of the opportunity to move one side the coach could stand at the back of the coach. And he could direct me so Mark we come round you come around to tackle me. And then I'm looking so what the two things I'm doing with the ball. Now, there's another skill. I'm looking at a time. So scanning I'm starting to scan. So I'm looking at what's the person telling me? Okay, he's asked me to go this side. I'll go that way. That's the tackle that the coach wants to use. Okay, we could build this up to have two on two. So let's have two tackles come out. Let's make this a bit wider now now what's the danger here? What's the risk? Okay. So what is absolutely crucial to coached us here clear instruction, which way we going. So if you build and want to build unit defense from an individual defense, it's imperative that you think of the safety and there's no collisions go. It's really important that the coach directs the way the attackers go. Otherwise, you'll get players running into each other. Okay, but it is something that's important that to do in the game because you want to be working in small units and as a team, so we've come forward. What are we then doing scanning? Okay, we both go that way. Okay. So we've got no Collision. However, if you are concerned if you're concerned that you don't want to go into that straight away put the bags close to your chest. What you're doing is this is about head position. So it's shoulder in rap. Okay, so we could do it one-on-one time you come here. So we're just gonna do one on one key. If you hold on right stop their package come so what's really important to start with. I'll direct you which way ready go. But Becky come back off ready go. Good stop there now we both go. Okay. You've got to follow which way I'm going ready go. Stop their good. Okay. So now where you're comfortable that the attackers can see which way the coach wants you can drop the bags and you can make that line. Could have seven six. However many you want to so Terry's become quite comfortable because he's always looking at the player. Okay? What can we do we can turn around? Sorry to turn around to me. Okay, when I say go you turn quickly and attack ready go. Good. You got the head, right? Okay. What can we also do? He could be on the floor. So let's go nice. Good. Okay, so and you could do that with groups of four five six and seven so you can regress it. You can progress it.