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Games & drills for tackle technique

The Falcons coaches use a variety of games and breakout drills to progress their tackle technique session. The players respond to questions to vary the style of coaching

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The main reason for using games is that you can kind of you can't get through a lot more work. If you if you did a tackle and real where players are only practice in the tackle. Whereas if you put chocolate again, we also get the ball handling the decision-making element probably most importantly as well. So the main reason for games is to try and bring in a whole number of skills into it. So they're not just working on one thing actually working on a lot of different things because that's what would be is apart from a few key areas. Where is isolated such as a line of Thor a kick a goal and pretty much everything else is ended in a dependent on other things and there's a decision making on the rules of this game is to touch a little ball. So it's basically a bit of an invasion bit of thought game was probably a bit too many crazy. That's the identify where the ball is have. Someone starts over we've got to make the way to your opposite leg by tagging. Sister at just a fun warm-up game, right? All I've got to do Josh. He's got to move around the square. Yeah, and he's got a knock you guys out. All right, so a little bit of footwork from you you can't hold on to my push him. He's just Gonna Knock You Out you only allow to use your shoulders, right? So you got to have your hands behind your back. All right coaching points what we're looking at here Josh. Yeah. Don't plant your feet stay on your toes. Keep moving forward. All right, and it's really essential that you get your feet. Nice and close to your target. All right, let's have a go here. Right holding that this group shop here. You can go now yellow boxer just saw a bit out the way change again guys next guy. Use your footwork head up Dan head up. All right, you'll fall over you drop your head to you want to sink your hips rather than hinge it hinge at your hips Josh that's out and can't really start working. I don't knock him out. They look in your out. That's no for work. All right, you got a full work to get out of there great body position there by Ali so sinking the hips rather than hinging. It's got them both out straightaway. Excellent. Well Done Right will move into a little bit of Shadow and drill. Now it's a couple of a ball will be holding it in two hands. We're going to be reverse understand the tools. I'm going to try and mirror him. Okay, we're just going to work down at the five meter line if if the ball carrier put in a one hand, that means you go forward and you make the tackle. All right. So we're stepping in will get nice and close with dropping here our hips and we'll grab a leg other hand goes right around the back and we drive them that way. All right, and then we'll work back out towards a 22 Good good, excellent. Well done, excellent you to well done. Good early try and keep yourself Square guys. Okay, we'd only get Round the Corner Lot on careful not lifting the leg up like that. All right start down that end. Right technical points about this where our hands down by your side or up here in front of us. Okay. So taught about a boxer's stance of also mentioned someone mentioned the camera holding a camera and it's focusing where we're looking at the show. This is eyes his hips his knees his feet. Okay. So we're looking to attract together that camera for got our hands up trying to focus on his hips. All right, so everything else will try and deceive you. All right, but if you focus on his hips, it shouldn't be too difficult at all. Alright, so we're going to progress this now so we'll go into the f** meet a grid. We're going to go through we'll just go through is once guys so we'll have one guy tackling the rest of the Suite on the 22 so we'll go up here now. Yeah, so I'm looking now. I'm only allowed one step. So it stepan's left or is rated on any sort of double steps. So I'm going to don't tackle me tricky. So I'm going to run here all of a new stat on a put the ball in the right arm. Okay, and he's going to complete the tap. We're looking to put each other floor here guys. All right, but again, One step one step. All right. So who's looking for the table where we looking to make the tackle? We're looking for a chopped Apple here. All right. So what sort of hate she will be hitting them. All right. We're looking down here. All right, put them straight the floor. All right, let's go. Good good it excellent. Right so off that what did that chicken made the tackle and immediately. What did he do got Spell straight bearing his feet of case on everyone to do that as well right? Nice little tough. Right? What both people what have we done with stood here? Let him come to us we must hit the ground was just soon as just move. You got to move to. Good accent attack up on your feet. Do you need a spin around that way Nick? No. No, you can go straight on the ball. All right, let's finish the tackle off with getting in a good position over the ball. Good get up. Get up. Get up good position over the book. Good as we hit. What should we be doing? Okay. Yeah, so let's not divert four feet. All right, let's drive through the tackle. Once we've Hit the Floor we get up immediately. We were on the ball. There's only two of us in the tackle and go from any angle. All right, the guy who's carrying the ball. What should we working on today presentation on the floor? So how do you fall on the ball? Yeah, that's fall on top of the ball and then let's pivot around and let's get it as far away as possible. Okay, we'll come on to that sort of thing later on you do bit of bull presentation.