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L2 - Attacking a Condensed Defence

Skill Practice Description • Two teams play normal touch rules. • 5 touch turnover. • When a touch is made, the game pauses and all defenders need to close in and place a hand on the shoulder of another defender. So all the defenders are bunched and in contact with each other. • The coach calls ‘play’ and the attack restarts. • The progression may be to leave one defender out of the bunch, which may provide a different challenge to the attack. • Then leave two defenders out of the bunch and slowly release the conditions to see if the attack can consistently identify opportunities to outflank or penetrate the defence. Key Coaching Points • Peripheral vision and general awareness. • Intuitive decision making. • Communication • Support and team work. Relevance to the Game • This game is designed to challenge the observation and decision making ability of the attack. • For the defence, it challenges the ability to cover quickly with both drift and sweeping defenders

Video Subtitles

Okay, James going to play a game of touch rugby practice shooting. That way yellows are shooting that way. The green bib is the scrum-half when you take it up when someone touches you it's a 200 touch, you'll turn you put your hands on your shoulders. All the other Defenders come in put a hand on a shoulder. Then when I say play the scum off can play the ball away. Okay, everyone happy with that will change the attacking sides every so often. All right. Pipe stay on him defend isn't working. That's good. Touch that work yourselves Independence and play. Tasha Tasha I'm finish it off. You just go there. Let's can we do now is add another Defender. Now this other Defender is going to play like a fullback. Okay, so he doesn't have to get in that line. He can stand behind and can sweep across. So now the attacker got to think about how they get around the defense and then how they beat that final Defender. Okay. Ready? Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go take it forward. That's good. There's a toucher. That's a touch-up. touch Tasha Tasha, it's working defense working. Tasha defines what yourselves in I'm finish it off.