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Quins Defence - 1 v 1 tackle skills

Close contact in a small channel ensures the players work their movement skills in both attack and defence. The coach reinforces the skills for contact prior to progressing this exercise

Video Subtitles

But don't get planted consumes. We get planted we struggle to go either way. If we keep our feet light then in a split second we can go either direction. Go. Good go. Good hearty. Go good life speed. Good go. Go. Go to keep coming forward to going to stay light on our feet. We're going to keep coming forward. We can't come out and give them the upper hand. And as soon as we do this, we give the defender the upper hand. What you don't want is a Defender is you think it as sorry as an attacker is you thinking time cut down. Yeah, you want to be able to set people up and have a bit of space if the Defenders are you got no time. You did the defender has the upper hand every time. Okay keep coming use the touch lines as our extra Defender. Go little bit of an over Chase yet. Go good footwork though and good go go good.