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Quins Defence - 2 v 2 tackling

A progression from the 1 v 1 drill this exercise adds extra players to make the decision making process more realistic. The coaches can vary the delivery of the ball and the width of the area to put different conditions to the players

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So we got to work together communication stay connected keep the line speed is the key thing keep coming. And if there is crossing then what do we do? Then you're trying to stay in. All right, we cover our channels. All right, we trust each other to cover our Channel that I can only happen with communication dope. Good good, just to the facility just the 15 10 meters go. Yeah defensive got to keep calm and don't sit back. You were saying it say the right things been going to do it. Go good shot, sir. Very good shot. I've got ball dead go if I start go if I start drifting across with the ball, what have you got to do is a Defender hold your channel, but but but what what else happened you can't just hold your channel because if I drift across when a player comes out here, yeah looking behind he's obviously doing it for a reason, you know if it's a good player is doing it for Reason yes a looking behind to see what's coming down your channel and if there is you've got to communicate. Good good. Good shot man. Good shot guns keep coming though. Defense was sitting back go. Okay attack defense. Okay attack defense as an attacker as an attacker if I've got the ball. What have I got to do? It's two on two out of I got to do. So again make it interesting. Create space. That's what I've got to do. I've got to create space. Yeah, because it's two on two if we all run straight lines, then it's dead easy for the defense, isn't it? Yeah. I've got to try and put doubt in the Defenders Minds. I want to see that now. Okay go communication be accurate go An excellent well held well held go good George Well stayed out go.