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The Tackle Battle

Winning the collisions in contact is crucial in the modern game. The coaches provide some theory and practical examples of drills and games to reinforce the basic principles to be effective. The coaches use a variety of progressions and games to keep the session challenging

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Christina chocolate Chuckles never finished those working trip. I'm going to see Hobble, Jake finish off finishing finish it straight back up on your feet. Good work good work the academy who do it very well really proactive on the floor and both in attack and very good in terms of reaction speed to get the hips up and get beyond the taco point in defense. But as you'll probably notice that's been a major emphasis of both attack and defense for us really important. finishing on your front Well, ghost robot. Can you fix Trail other? So real shot just get me for we're going you're going out Kovac on their tour lie. Yeah, that's and one. All right. Got it. Yeah, well guess the balls attack yet. Let's go. I didn't finish long so fellows try and get that line speed off the line. Yes should be hidden somewhere near halfway. Let's go. The present present if you have the grid straight back over, let's go. Yep. Just got off you go. To get get a bit of technical detail but also a gameplay element into it makes it more enjoyable for the players but also gets them to recognize gameplay situations. But if we go play the long way to flog Barney you got come on back. Okay, bam you got Okay to nail those don't be too concerned about scoring off. You got a foot in touch. Let's just carry on a fish tacos off. Alright, so now we'll go around what a time and then soon as it circles made. This guy's work around straight away. So the Defenders they're actually Defender for Instagram that ball hopefully if attack is got a good bounce on fire with straight through try and turn the ball over. Alright, so bit of context of the bomb, it's got great. What uh, oh well done. Well done. dope well doing well, then we'll go. Let's go. Nothing, could you as coaches to utilize every opportunity to develop footwork in plays? So that's through warm-ups through small-sided games every opportunity to develop that ability to win Collision. Now some players do it in different ways and you can develop the fender you can use your power and size. But another way is to use your footwork and just unbalanced the defender so you can win that collision and come out the other side and get your hips and shoulders through. So that's the key principle for us that we're always promoting that we use footwork to win a collision which allows us to get which allows us to have options allows us to have decisions to play out of contact off the floor Etc scope. well