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USA Sevens - Learn The Rules Of The Ruck

With less players the breakdown is much cleaner in Seven's and knowing the laws and being accurate in your skills wins matches. Mike Friday clarifies what can be a complex area and why many coaches focus on this facet of the game

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Those types of understanding of the of the law around the breakdown in the contact areas of what you can and what you can't do where you can enter from when you can time when that changes is very very pure in the game of sevens and it is a crucial part of being able to maintain possession. I would say on average there's there's at least 20 to 30 tackles and rocks and that's the that's the clear understanding that players need to know when it's actually a tackle when it turns into a Ruck game understanding what you can and what you can't do when you're tired when you're fatigued in a split second is crucial so we have to create habits in these players so that there is no second guessing there is no misunderstanding. There's no lack of clarity. So they're able to make quick effective clear decisions in those situations is crucial if you want to be effective in the breakdown the rule is that the tackler must get to his feet immediately be able to play the ball. Now, if you are a tackler, which means that you have gone to floor with the tackle player as opposed to a tackler assist. So if you are a tackler you have every right to stay that side of the ball until a Ruckus formed so on. That rock is formed and if you see in the game and seven sometimes rocks aren't formed even though they look like they have been then you make it up and play the ball immediately. If you are a tackler assist which means that your knees have not hit the floor in the act of tackling. Then you have no rights to say that side of the boat and you must retire and come through the back foot of your side as well as the breakdown in the decision making that first guy the breakdown be on your ball or the first go into the breakdown of the tackler in defense is so crucial. The Collision Fitness is a big part of the we've now brought in here and we sing Our sort of overall stats and conditioning go through the roof because it's part of the game, you know, you gotta be able to take that impact and deliver the impact and that takes a different Energy System and waste into the body. So it's a big part of the breakdown all that Collision stuff is getting the boys be able to do that again and again and again at high speed high intensity and for a long time being able to present being able to clear being able to understand what you can and what you can't do and all sevens does is allows players to hone those skills. Those skills which will enable them to become better 15s pliers. And you know, that's the reality of the game of sevens. It's a form of a game that allow you to exploit and perfect the core skills of the game to make you a better rugby player.