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Wasps - Footwork The Key To Big Tackles

Aggressive tackling is fundamental to Wasps performances and their players physicality is part of their DNA. Brad Davis overseas a tackle technique session that will change your approach to coaching the tackle

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Let's go Good shot Wadey. Good. Nice. I think the preparation pre tackle is the biggest thing that probably isprobably the single most important aspect of tackling that doesn't get addressed. So the technique that we're after is the first thing, is the center line of the player. Jake is going to go around that orange cone. I'm going to try and hit him into this sort of area. Okay what that does? What does it do initially? Make sure you push yet shut this space down. All right. The other next key point is once we're off the line. I'm going to pass the ball to Jake and then you can go so I can win the space back. Once I'm into here, I want my right leg to split the Center line of Jake. Split him down the middle what that enables me to do is then when I dip I can then reward myself with a hit and then a chase. Let's go! Good shot. Glenn. Ready? Let's go. Good. Good shot, fire that. Good. Excellent. Technique. Let's go good shot Glenn. Lovely tekkers make good. Ready. Let's go. Good shot. Harry run hard guys. Good go Okay. Go again. What happened? Let's go get your left leg in nice and close. Let's go. Let's go again. So what happened overstretched at that time? That's why you're not Square. Let's go. You don't encourage badpractice and you can if you do a skill wrong and then sort of move on with our lives go back to it, you know potentially can sort of influence bad habits and stuff like that. So I think it's it's better to keep working until you get it right good shot. Good shot chase a better Jammer. Ready? Good shot Keenan. Good. Good. Good Keenan. Good. Let's go good shot. Well done Oscar. Excellent. Excellent. Let's see too far away get that left leg as close you candy for your feet get closer and your shoulders follow. Let's go go again site too far away. If you're a long way away with your footwork and you make your collision if if then your feet don't chase what happens at turns into a neutral or passive tackle you track someone and you think getting close first, then you can drop your body height with your head up and through And then after the contact you can do a couple of steps and you turn what could be a neutral maybe a type of wind into an impact tackle and it's not through hitting any harder. It's actually just improving the footwork and then the chase. So to make absolutely dominant tackles. It's not running hundred miles an hour into someone and belting them even though there's a part of that on kick Chase I suppose but improving that footwork into the collision and then the leg drive and that's how you make impact tackles. So what's happening Here, he's into here, bang and then you chase them. What I'm after is coming in I'm here, bang and then I'm into that position. I'm splitting the stance I'm getting down that center line. Ready? Let's go. Good shot Si. Good. Good. Good. Good. Drop your height a bit more. Let's go, so guys on that occasion. He hit here a long way away us then Jammer kept going drop these legs ended up into a passive tackle. All right, you're trying to split the center line nice and tight to him split the center line there and then your shoulders come into it. Okay, let's go good leg drive. That's a better shot. That's a better shot. Hold it there. I think we want our players there, you know have dominant tackles and you know show - oh a real intent, but actual that the pre tackle work is I think more important and then if you get that part of that the equation, right well then intent what you have up here will allow you to power up in the tackle as opposed to just throwing your body on the line.