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Back-to-back Wrestle

A good upper body warm-up to get players ready for contact. Can be used with all age groups.

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By then let me do some contact exercises or woman that to tackle. It's very important that we do a warm-up that we do contact warm up. So I would like you and you are my guinea pigs. You're in the white everybody else to this side right link arms. So you're going to you're going to try and force each other down to the ground on the left will be what's important technically to be put our arms out to stop and fend your full. Where can you injure yourself? Hand or you rest in the house? Elbow and shoulder. So it's really important. This is very important. If you're being forced to the ground when you're being tackled, you don't put your arm down. I'll be get when I blow my whistle. You're going to to the right Force each other to the right link up. Don't put your arms down. Come on. Come on, come down to the right get him down force him down. Okay, boys over you go in pairs big line along here. Find a bit of space. Right? We're going to the left. Okay on my whistle. We're going to the left ready. Okay, I'll be happy same thing. We're going to go to the right this time ready to go to the right on my whistle. Good. Okay, back-to-back heels in the floor heels in the floor who can push each other up heels in the floor legs bent legs bent heels up now push each other up like a V nearly work against each other work against each other. We're good, okay.