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Head Position training in units

A progression in the tackle technique session is to have four defenders working at the same time. All attackers should go the same way (directed by the coach) and the defenders can communicate which way to go.

Video Subtitles

One two three four back carriers up here, please one here. one here one here one here. Now you back carriers. I'd like you to run the way that I'm going to tell you to run. I know either go this way or that way is everyone clear. If I say this way you all go that way you're coming forwards to the cones. I would like one Defender against each bag. You need tennis balls. You do should have tennis balls, please. Okay, don't worry actually pick up cones pick up a cone good. So you're not using your hands. You're using your shoulders. Okay. So when I say go the bags are going to come forward and go the way I'm saying and the Defenders you do exactly what you just been doing. Is that okay on the line? Keep those bags tight ready? Go good work Defenders back and come on the line. This is really good work backward come last one. Next Defenders get ready and go. Good. Okay. Next for fact next will tacklers. I've become.