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Multi-direction Game

In this game, the coach can change which try line the attacking team are aiming for. This means both teams have to react quickly and re-organise.

Video Subtitles

Pink's are up there at the moment. So any given time where's your try line Pink's right? So it's going to be the red. Try line. I might call Yellow if I call Yellow. Where's your try light if I call White, right. So whichever team has got the ball if I call a different color. That's your try line. Don't wait to just go who can go down on one knee and count to four. Everybody can can they write when you make a touch when you touch somebody you have to go on one knee for four seconds is okay by ready? Let's go as just touch you got one second to pass the book. You've been touched. Run forwards run forwards touched one day get on one knee Defenders one knee. Carry on one knee if you make it touch your on one knee which way you going. Where's your tie line? It's the greens. Come on. That's the school go pinks. pass pass yellows your church line yellows your try line. Yellow yellow. We're trying to try line go yellow go on. It's okay bring it in boys and we come that was good. Go fellas. Emma. Come on the jog nice and tight. Come on because otherwise you're gonna get cold. We're do some contact stuff now, but what was good about that game? He was cautious getting into space good passes. We called. Well, that was really good. And we responded really good right quickly into some contact.