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New Rules of Play - Under 10s - Coaching Points

This video provides some detailed coaching points that the Saracens community coaches would recommend age groups coaches focus on in their sessions

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1v1 get play on nice word beds. Look after the ball look after it. Good present presented back play on. John get two hands on the ball. Nice can Lucky Guy's foots gone into touch restart the game the free pass because my Marks here, so I need the three closest people one two, three of you come, it's Crouch bind set when I say bind. You got to hold on to the property here. Make sure you are under the armpit under the armpit. Perfect. You're going to see it for me buddy down there Perfect Right Crouch. Find set good. I think the rfu introduces new rules for the under tension idea to look at continuity within the game and certainly with the rules that have come in certain around the contact area encourages the under tends to you know, use the ball and you know acknowledge where spaces within a pitch instead of having the stereotypical job roles. For example, the forward where their job is simply to clear out at break time break down and you know, it's to actually scan and observe what's going on within the game and that allows for a much quicker game as which is what we're all after right 1v1 Get Low that balls out by on so Shawn could offload. Excellent gray off lied. Some of the skills that we will look to implement sort of through the schools and clubs and that that sort of young age, you know, the pros are doing is part of their warm-up as round it's critical that they're done. You know that the players will be the first people to tell you that it is vital that the skills are continuously worked on and a lot of attention goes into detail sort within those drills. So, you know, if we can get them in early doors as we do with within our clubs and schools that take part, you know, that that's something that as I said that the pros are doing every day at training and you know, it's what these guys need to be doing as well. Okay, just very quickly get your breath back you're working hard which is excellent in terms of when we're trying to recycle that bore a breakdown. So a Ruck. Okay. What can we do to make sure that we are a lot more effective? Okay, and what we're doing at that break down think about it. Yes. Okay, so we want a strong body position to what is a strong body position getting low. Yes. I fit a square. Okay, I'll chain is obviously above our waist. Okay, so we don't want to be facing down like that because otherwise which way we only going to go down to ground the case. We've got to make sure we're nice and strong. I real Focus for the last two or so minutes. Okay, if there is a tackle complete, okay, the person that will win that breakdown is the person that is lower and pumping their legs, right? That's all Focus. All right, would you admit that was quite a fast game? Yeah in terms of your offload in which was excellent. Okay. So we're looking to upload out of that tackle one on ones that break down. No, we're looking to recycle that ball quickly so we can get it back in our hands and attach some spaces. I'd also have a look at obviously the specifics of that breakdown one-on-one that's present the ball good low body position eyeballs out play on one on one. It's fine. It's cleared you out. So being a one-on-one and you know, we're looking at explosive power especially from a young age if they can get into Good habits and techniques to that. So obviously low body positions going right under that / okay and exploding up obviously, we identified as a group that the power comes from our legs. So the guys were pretty switched on as soon as we spoke about that. We started to see a much more Competitive Edge at that break down. And so that's something that I'd specifically look at after after that game. Good 1v1 no more. Good keep pushing. Keep eye on us find these pants come off and we identified as a group that it's a lot quicker in terms of our continuity. So for me as a coach, I'll be looking off the back of that. Maybe some overloaded games to having obviously more attackers and Defenders. Okay, so there's going to be more space for the team to use and then it's a case of are handing sore offloading with in contact and keeping that momentum within our game especially on attack exactly the same for the attack and so I make sure you can see the back of the person shirt next year. Yes. We can run on to that ball up pace. Freak out identifier space that's it. Good lad much better 1v1 present it Go bib spool. Pick it up. Good body position. Stay strong. Don't Panic don't panic two hands off lied Crouch find set times a in terms of scrimmaging from that game. We're looking at safety techniques and obviously The Binding is critical within that and just making sure that everyone's aware of those sorts of things. So, you know, we may have back to our actually scrimmaging with it within the game with these new rules. So understanding that the hooker was looking to bind under the armpits of his two props and going over the top of the two props in terms of that point. You're going to bind under the armpits. It's a little bit easier for you. Perfect. Okay, you're going to go over the top because you're the hooker. All right. So you're going underneath you get your arm over the top. There we go. Perfect. Right Crouch bind set. Okay, we're not pushing its bib spool hook it back. It's come off go round pick the ball up play. So the props. Thing underneath on the waist and the hooker goes above just provides a much more stable scrum making sure that their heads are in the right position going into into that scrum. And as I said having that uncontested so I you know, it gives it builds a confidence within a lot of players and and build their knowledge as a result of it.