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New Rules of Play - Under 10s - Scrum Coaching

The introduction of the scrum for both mini players and coaches can be confusing. This clip explains the the reasoning behind the 3 man scrum and the technical points that ned to be taught

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They understand there are several new roles that are coming into their game for this year this season in terms of restarting the game. You're then looking at a three-man uncontested scrum and the players compete in at that scramble be the three closest players to wear that infringement occurs. And so it's obviously giving players an opportunity at a young age to understand sort of safety within a technical area such as a scrum and and broaden the knowledge within the game goes my Marks here. So I need the three closest people one two, three of you come, it's Crouch bind set when I say bind you got to hold on to the property that you make sure you're under the armpit under the armpit. Perfect. You're going to sit for me buddy down there Perfect Right Crouch bind set good Crouch bind set terms of in terms of scrimmaging from that game. We're looking at safety techniques. And obviously The Binding is critical within that and just making sure that everyone's aware of those sorts of things. So, you know, we may have back to her actually scrimmaging with it within the game with these new rules. So understanding that the hooker was looking to bind under the armpits of his two props and going over the top of the two props in terms of that Bond. You're going to bind under the armpits. It's a little bit easier for you. Perfect. Okay, you're going to go over the top because you're the hooker. All right. So you're going underneath you get your arm over the top. There we go. Perfect. Right Crouch bind set. Okay, we're not pushing its bib spool hook it back. It's come off go round pick the ball up play. So the props are sitting underneath on the waist and the hooker goes above just provides much more stable scrum making sure that their heads are in the right position going into into that scrum. And as I said having that uncontested so I you know, it gives it builds our confidence within a lot of players and and Bills and knowledge as a result of it. May the scrum-half. Okay, so you're going to go around the other side for me around the other side? Okay. Bibs. Take one big step back for me. Perfect over here Winger step back for me. Perfect. Okay, ow Crouch behind set. No pushing down the middle scum off good hook it back. Okay play on it's going backwards play on. Good luck off to the ball 1v1. One of you good cats. Fine Play on Play On. Okay. So you guys obviously bit of an introduction for some of you has to have a new rules are going to work. Okay. It's looking at continuity in our game. Would you admit that was quite a fast game? Yeah in terms of your offload in which was excellent. Okay, so we're looking to offload out of that tackle one on ones that break down. No, we're looking to recycle that ball quickly so we can get it back in our hands and attach some spaces. Yeah, but thank you very much. Well done great effort. He'll leave you back with your coaches now to go and enjoy the rest of your training session. Have a good day.