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Catch & Pass Progressions

Passing progressions are based upon the ability of players to fix defenders. Always insure your exercises reflect match situations and refrain from just doing drills because they look good

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Guys just hands. Let's go. No spin passes. We're going to look at some just building some simple exercises in distribution targets up run straight other hand. Fixing you going to fix that first man to defend up attacker takes the first man. Okay, how do they second defender in so first to meant first match that can man? Okay, let's go. picked up Sam We're now into the corners into the corners. So this is about ensuring that the players come around the corner and then straighten up come around the corner straighten up keep the guys moving at all times the first the first ball carrier can decide which angle he attacks on he can attack. different ways and man gets bull this exercise puts into a bit more live as a match situations as you come around the corner as you come around the corner, you'll need to straighten up rather than drift. Attack the inside shoulders good example really good example each time first offender. Ready? Same thing. Let's go. straighten up ball away That's nice. Okay, really really good really good example will get a second defender in now. Okay second defender in you're taking first and second. You've got to work quite hard. Okay, ready go. good example nice line good example I come up next progression is to make the Defenders work a little bit harder. Okay. So each time you make a defense you're going to do a down and out before you can defend again. So I'm just adding in a bit more reality. Okay off we go same thing same thing. Good work guys. That's what happens in the game. People aren't sure really grow recovered guys. Okay out of there ran the outside two bags in the middle. We can go anywhere. So in threes in threes around the outside, Quick pull away quickly pull away quickly ball away. Let's go. Don't wait. Don't wait ball away. Don't wait go with him. Go with him. Nice Sammy Good Sam. You can miss pass. If you want. You can miss pass nice Brady. so here The attackers can go any given time. It's emergency. It's a bit of chaos. So this is we call this the sort of chaos grid. So you got the fenders coming from everywhere attackers coming from everywhere. Nice line. Good hands. Nice. Tummy ball away. Okay, excellent. Okay, how do that as a coach? I'm looking for opportunities to create two-on-ones. That's what I'm looking for. So when I'm calling the different try lines to go for the different color try lines, I'm expecting at all in one. Okay, don't slow down don't turn and then so, oh I'll slow because you then wasted that opportunity. Okay. So we're going to do another 90 seconds of this and then back into another skill ready. Here we go. Okay, we'll have a green bottle and your red white white make it work make it work. I can work. Okay, red. Red red red. Oh should have scored that one green bull blue blue. Nice dummy score it.