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Coach by asking question's - John Neal

Psychology expert John Neal discusses how important it is for a coach to ask effective questions.

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As a coach, do you know everything? Hopefully with humility, you are likely suggest that you don't know everything and for some coaches that can be a problem because they run out of information to pass on to their players, but I'd like you to think differently. I'd like you to think about the knowledge which is already inside the players the knowledge that with your coaches. How do you access that knowledge by asking effective questions and really great coaches have the ability to control a conversation by the use of effective questioning and the purpose of the question is to raise the awareness in another individual and help them to take responsibility. Effective questioning also raises the entire intelligence of the group. Suddenly. The coach doesn't have to have all the answers. But if the coach has the ability to ask effective questions, he opens up the Consolidated intelligence of the entire group to solve problems. The other thing of course, is that the coach can't go on the field. The players go on the field. So it's the players that have to have the knowledge the players that have to take responsibility and an effective question or a world-class questioning coach ask the questions that raise awareness in the performers and gets them to take responsibility. So as a coach ask yourself the question how good am I at asking questions? Do I ask questions that make people think do I have the ability to control a conversation by throwing the responsibility back on to my players by asking them effective questions? The ratio of you Austin questions to listening is equal to the way we set up. One question to lots of listening as a minimum. Are you world class asking questions?