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Coaching the spin pass

Saracens academy coach Rory Teague explains the basic principles of the spin pass including the exercises and progressions that can be used to help players improve their techniques and accuracy

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Some of them are probably very competent in passing. But when you add pressure when you when you had fatigue into it, we want this we want their their technical aspect of the of the passing skill to be as high as possible. And so they have the understanding and ultimately we've given them an exercise which they can go and replicate with friends at school on their own excetera. Just so that when you know, when they do get into those situations they have that, you know have the best possible technique. So we're going to break it back down. So we're going to try and get your the pass to the highest possible standard. Okay, and what we do here is something you can take away and go into home is a very simple exercise. Okay, first team plays at saracens do it. So, you know, it's it's something that needs to be done. It's something that's done every day. And so that you can do when you go back up back away from here. Okay. Here's one hold the ball up in the air boss that we need to slightly tilt it off. So then the hand wraps around the bottom of the ball. Okay middle to the bottom so firms probably ends up roughly about in the middle. Pinky's on the on the seam underneath the ball. Okay what we can do and put the ball on the hip. Okay, we're going to spin pass off our hip today. So we want a nice high are both Roars in front of me like a nice high elbow. Okay. I'm going to push through and finish with our hands at the Target area. If you're receiving a pass, please get a Target up. It gives the person who's passing the target. Doesn't it? We all know these things but it's just getting into good habits. So what we're going to do we're going to give 10 or each hand to start with. Okay what I want it all I want to see and put your other hand out for guidance High elbow push through photo finish. Okay. Both shoulders facing me good. Nice good. Good. And it's not about home how quickly did this exercise guys. I want that accuracy level is high as possible. Okay, so if you end up doing five of each and but five quality ones, I'm happy with that. Okay. So where was your hand then pull here put the ball back. I like I can remember exactly where your hand was. The ball was there your hand was in the Middle. Where do we say? We need to put it at the back. Okay, so it's comfortable and I push through. Okay, let's go again. It is of the left. It's fine. So off the hip start touching the hip push through push through better. Let's go again. We'll get there good nice better of the hip generate power High elbow push through good. Why do we have a high our bow guys? Generate the power good hold it there, but hip. Rory come out in front of me. So we're going to just develop this a little bit more now. Okay, we're going to go side on. Okay, so I'm going to be passing off my hip here passing it across there. Okay. So we're going to pass off our outside foot past novel write and pass off our right foot. Okay, we can still have a hand out in front guiding it through. Push straight down right? Nice little power High elbow photo finish off we go see how much difference there is. Okay. So if you're passing which put your passing off You're facing forward attack in that way passing off your left. But what foots up further really? Yeah, that's good left hand left foot. Let's go push it through. Excellent. Good Rory off the hip you started back here. We're all going to get a lovely past back here and fire it through. That's why we're doing this drill. So then you become a player who can pass equally as good off both hands. Let's go. That's fine. So we're not we're not brushing off the hip we're leaving it the hip just hold it there and it's coming off of the hip nice and gently good. Excellent. We're going to move this onto a to a 200 past now. Okay. So what if you face the clubhouse I'm facing the trees will start nice and close to start with. Okay. So what ball on the hip high elbow rows facing that way so it's going to be a backwards pass. Okay. I'm in here right foot right-hander pass. Pass it through. Okay after hip push it through. Let's go good. What we passing off. You know, it's easy to swing here. We're going to really break it down. Be nice and strict off the hip generate some power good go off the Lefty face that way left foot up high elbow. Push it through. Yeah any questions two minutes. This goes try and nail this let's go guys start nice and tight start tighter. It's not about how quick or how far you passing this. It's about the real nitty-gritty technical aspects of it. Let's go. Maybe start your feet a little bit little bit more relaxed. Okay, not straight leg. Okay in here and we can pass and turn good both what you read your arms finish baby's head. Yeah, where's his Target going to be below his head? Okay. Good. No backswing is no backswing in this guy's off the hip like a boxer High elbow and it's punching through the past. We're getting through for us. It would break in the skill right down. So get them to do some single-handed exercises focusing on a high elbow finishing with both hands going through the target. It's something that they probably haven't done previously and it's something that you know, we feel is crucial to really understand from from their point of view of the fundamentals. Of the person's skill three points from that exercise just done there. High elbow, okay boys a high elbow donate the powered and get both Roque where our hands finishing crisscrossed where you want the ball to go at the Target area. Okay, excellent. Last Point okay for passing off a right hand. All right foot forward that exercise we just done there is something you can do at home brothers sisters friends tree a wall anything and get a ball one-handed. Okay. What do you reckon 200-300 passes a day 20 minutes your time. Yeah, it's one game of FIFA, isn't it? Yeah, good good work guys. Don't forget the technical aspects. We just talk through their good.