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Coaching with Games is the Future

Elite coaches use conditioned games to teach the basic skills and change the conditions for progressions and increase the intensity

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We do all that we do as much coaching as we can through games. Don't tear up and down Drive-In and down again, right? Can I like drive going you down to the floor back up back into the person is touched it. Up and down go on kept pumping Tom. Well done. Where's the support man? Come on the good good. Good play it. Keep pumping good good good pretty great switch will turn up and down as quick as you can get their legs pumping massive Advocates of the fact that you're going to get the most learning done in a real life situation and again, Lucky Tom lookie Stefan. Come on, mate. You got to close that Gap. Come on work hard work hard. Good broaden and good touch. Oh well reacted. Well react it. Come on. Gray, Hans crayons use them. Excellent some gray attacking play some really good attacking play the boys train better when they're enjoying it. You know that it's simple as that we try to put everything into games as much as possible. Will we tend to go sort of short sharp games? Maybe three lots of night seconds or 2 minutes with a little bit of recovery in between and then into more sort of skill drill type games afterwards. Feed them stew. That's it. Let's go play chocolate. chocolate axle well done. The main reason for using games is that you can kind of you can't get through a lot more work. If you if you did a tackle and drill where players will only practicing the tackle on whereas if you put tackling or gave me also get the ball handling the decision-making element probably most importantly as well. So the memories of the games is to try and bring in a whole number of skills into it. So they're not just working on one thing actually working on a lot of different things because that's what would be is apart from a few key areas. Where is isolated such as a line out through or kick a goal pretty much everything else is ended in a dependent on other things and there's a decision-making element and games bring out a decision making Oh lookie. Hey, I like you to people just tipping it on really quickly because they know where people are it's good to go to be as sensitive. You realize all the defense's in here just wide ball over there right does the business just look around you play into the corners play the the game situational gamesense game understanding is really important and clearly that can only be done in game scenarios. And then when there's a part of it that isn't quite functioning the way you want. You just stop it ask them how it could maybe be better then address that with a little practice one-on-ones in twos or whatever and then put it back into the game. So yeah, all part of all is a big part of the way I coach Oh to Falls blacks ball. Good what they aren't just reliant on the pace and their sizes is often the case with Junior mini would be that they have the game understanding game sense to bring other people into the game. That's what we look for plenty of games. I think that's the best thing if you do your so-called drills or whatever is try to make it a bit more of an activity and really promote the Activity Part making fun because they know they say he got to put yourself there. Whenever I start looking at coaching is that the sessions are going to be adapted to that if I'd enjoy it then it's probably hitting the right Mark and it's got to have the enjoyment factor in there because you're not going to get the best out of the person around you if you see a been a big smile enjoyment and the skill level is up there then, you know, even if it's a game it doesn't you know, you don't have to necessarily do the drills. Ten seconds and also some of those games that you probably consider, you know adapted slightly that you'd look at maybe progression with those who are bit further along don't let you know down the line really you some you know, because some of those warm-up games are, you know, I've done in pre-season rugby training and it's a bit of a fitness that kind of the crawling using different muscles and stuff like that. So, yeah, if you know just thinking adapting it, you know, there's no right or wrong way to do it, but there is a fun and interesting way and take as long as you get the, you know, the end product and it doesn't really matter how you get this on such fun in my eyes.