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Fun Is The Key To Winning

David Flatman provides some insight into why Fun is crucial to creating a winning formula. Saracens are a great example of this and are current English and European champions

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I think if anybody at Pro level, International level, Semi-Pro, Junior under eights could do one thing with a day could arrange one opportunity. I would encourage them to try and spend a day a whole day at saracens. You know seeing how much these guys are smiling hearing the laughter coming from team meetings, whether they've won or lost hearing the gags that are going on the in-gags the guys dressing up and hosting team meetings. In fancy dress like you you think the University team does but Sarries do it. These boys are smiling and laughing almost all day. It does get serious when they start training male bashing lumps out of each other because they're Elite and their pros and they're working hard in the gym, but it's all smiles in between that it's all fun. Everyone's grounded. Everyone can approach everyone. There's no coach who's an overlord and makes things go quiet when he walks out to the training pitch. There's no senior players that have that effect. It is a brilliant Vibe. They are winning everything because they love it and they don't lose many players because the players love it and they want to be there and that was happening before they were winning. They're not smiling and happy because they're winning they were behaving like this five six years ago before they started winning everything but the main philosophies just have fun, you know, we've come here. We're not here for a long time. But when were here which I work hard when tense the guy's give it their all we obviously get very well after saracens on and off the pitch, but the more people enjoy it the more they will work together the more engaged they will be the less likely they will be to leave and go somewhere else. That is more fun. And I think that is how actually that is how winning happens and winning is partly to do winning games, but it's also having a really really happy group of people, you know coming up turning up religiously when they don't have to repeatedly when they don't have to giving you their discretionary time for me unless you're getting paid for it. That is what winning really means.