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Game - Tackle Touch

Whether you're introducing tackling to young players for the first time, or re-introducing it to senior players after a summer away, this is a great game to play to ease back into it. It isolates the 1v1 tackle and puts emphasis on technique without the high speed impact of a full contact game.

Video Subtitles

So we're looking at real technique around the breakdown. That's what we want. Danny go. They left go. Nice tux. So the tackle touch game is a normal game of touch. But as soon as there is a touch made you didn't get the attacker to go down on the floor the defender to go down the floor and then on the on the go from the coach they get up and they have a 1vs1 tackle. Okay, fellas One of the issues that we have on coaching tackle technique and trying to incorporate into games is that we start running into each other at High Velocity that leads to injury if are techniques not absolutely spot on so what I will do in this game is take away the pace take away the velocity of the runners. Okay, so there's less impact and it's all about your Technique the ball carrier gets up and tries to beat the defender to within a meter not trying to run five meters sideways but to within a meter the if the defender we're looking at a good technical tackle. Okay? Classic shoulder tackle wrap finish a tackle off attacker long Place replay. Okay play on through. Then touch after that again. Yes. Yes. Okay. So if you do beat the player and get through you play on you can either move the ball and play on. Yeah, it's a touch it's not another it's not a tackle. So we're looking at real technique around the breakdown. That's what we want. Danny go. They left go. Nice tackle on place jack long place look after the ball, please. Okay down go there's a one-on-one tackle. You can put other rules in here. You can actually ask the Defenders to come but the other Defenders to come back Play on Play On just play on. Go. I've tackled Tommy long Place, Jamie. Oh good ball. Long place, please. Nice tackle Danny go go go. Nice Tackle Long place to go Jamie. He lost the ball Hayden good nice driving tackled Johnny. Nice ball presentation score there. Good luck placed on high score this time as soon as you touch you bounce you get up and you go you don't wait for my call. So I will make the call and then I'll progress it says you're making the decision. I'll become. touched Well done, Jamie. Well, Jamie was a lot sharper than Dan was so good score great work. Let's go. Well played Jamie. Come on guys. You got to get yourself sorted get back Jack. Come on, Jake down and up good tackle play on and bounce found any good taco. Long place, please. Excellent work Liam Banks get back then. Katako and a good classic score. I'll give you a score their well done guys. Now the benefits that especially for younger players is that it takes out the impact. So taking out the speed of the Collision means that there's no impact. So the focus purely is on tackle technique and they gain confidence. So there's a really good game for use under nine to win the starting to learn to tackle under tens 11 and 12, but also for seniors,