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Home Training - Fun Catching & Passing Games

A variety of drills and games to practice and improve your catching & passing

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So heavy that I exercise where one person boy on the left hand side is the one working the two balls dad and the younger brother passing between them. The side because this balls going here and this one's just going back and forward. No. No that's going there. There. There there there there there in between that and that. Okay you have a practice. So you just pass the ball back to Angus and don't worry about this one back. I like that one guys quite yet. This exercise it's got the man-in-the-middle working the head of the pyramid the head of the triangle calls. Okay, so this time Bertie you're in. I might say you got to give good passes, Bertie. Okay, Sasha. Just don't be fought don't be in front of him. Don't be in front. Okay, ready off we go. It's a really good exercise for hand-eye coordination. Lots of thinking little bit of what we call chaos. But the man that keeps the person that keeps the tempo will be the dad or elder brother. Okay sashes turn really good guy really good really impressed with that. But no food passes / can't give a forward pass. Okay, that's really see us - it's on so the next progression just come a little bit wider. You can go outside and do this spin passing depth Etc. Really good exercise ready? Same thing. What what what so now going to we're now going to progress to spin passes. Let's go.