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Offloading technique

Here's an example of a simple but effective 2v1 drill to practice the offload. Players concentrate on staying strong and getting their shoulders through contact, with the ball remaining in two hands. Support players communicate their position and time their run.

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So we're going to work on it is an offload. It's a very simple so Josh is just going to use this book work and he's going to try and score between the blue cones. Okay, we're going to try and make a tackle going to work around the tack. We're going to work around the defender because you got nice feet. Welcome to a nice transition. We got our shoulders through the contact form get offend. That's perfect. I'm going to pass a nice easy offload. We're going to ground we push up. Okay, very simple. Let's do a couple of see what happens. So legs through okay. So you put the ball straight in one hand try and keep it in to forget the fentruck getting better too. So we more control of the ball and then supporting guy can talk from behind. Yeah, let's go but it nice and low through next example is work around the contact. So he's in the dominant position. Okay. We'll go one more. Yes, I know. I said live around the contact. Excellent. Great hit is worth around great line. Brilliant.