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Passing - 3 v 2 Live Defenders

Gradually progress from 2 static defenders, to 3 v 2 roaming defenders. The first two players must draw their defenders before giving the pass.

Video Subtitles

Right Hines great hat beautiful beautiful booty on the side. Don't need to spend pass. Let's go. Okay, that's fantastic. Okay can two people go and get to those bags, please. There is no contact involved here back into groups. There's no contact involved. So as an adult I can come and do this exercise with you. Okay, if there's any contact involve adults aren't allowed to hold bags. Okay, same thing except I'm and moving Defender. Ready, that's good. Good sign exercise. So I'm just going to move a little bit. I'm a two-on-one. You got to fix me got to fix me nice targets. Excellent. Let's go. Got you there. Okay, what's the next progression for this one? Then two bags perfect. Let's get the extra bagging and there's have to the boys in here. So when you come in and you come in so spread out of it now Defenders, it's not a contact exercise. Okay you face this way. So once you've defended here, so you've defending the first two men. Let's go. Nice turnaround only 10 rounds now. Whoops second bag. You must stay behind the first bag. Go again. Must stay behind the first one. Good. It's not a contact exercise. Let's go nice hands. Oh, what's that twisting? Okay, so guys when were holding these bags this exercise is for the passes. It's not for you people to look good. Okay. All right, drop the bags back into the game. Same game this time.