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Step 8 - The Tackle Game

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step 8 The Tackle game the games demonstrated previously can be played at any time throughout the season to reinforce the offload The Tackle should be coached in stages as promoted through rugby ready and the UK CC level 1 coaching Rugby Union qualification The Tackle can gradually be introduced towards the end of the games to build confidence and eventually as demonstrated in this section as a whole game session the players now play a full-contact game and the focus remains on keeping the ball alive, and it is evident how this leads to a high Tempo game that does not bog down into prolonged mauling and rocking. There is contact there is breakdown, but the players are intent to move the ball to maintain the pace of the attack. Mistakes and mishandling will occur but this is part of the learning curve and not a reason to be conservative in approach. The whole concept is devised from the approach that rock and mall is not coached in isolation. But as a consequence of being tackled, the intent of the player is primarily to beat the defender, but if caught in a tackle, the player will have developed the game understanding required to make a quick and more informed decision in order to keep possession and maintain the attack with pace. It may be worth pointing out that these players have not been coached to set up a rock or a mall and yet the game is fluid and possession is retained after contact. Let's teach players to understand the game first then teach the technique in order to play the game better.