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Tackle Techniques For Hard Ground

Tackle practise during the summer months can be tricky with the hard grounds. Using contact shields to improve the key safety features should be part of your training toolbox

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Pato waste in tight to the chest. Yeah, you're going to go the way I go. I'm after for you guys is closer space down. Yeah in head the right position shoulder in hook grip done hook and grip and we're done go. Good back and come Craig makes guys every time we come back to defend we don't turn around like that. We come backwards. Okay, ready go. Just go go stop there Drew what's happening there? Holding, okay. Let me come. I'll explain what happened. You drew here. Say there Benny Drew came up go Benny go you waited and you took a big step big step and try to then hit an army like you come we've got to get in low here single boxes boxes on boxes stands in low short feet. So you chop your feet. Okay, so as he comes in and goes your small feet and then when you're ready boom in you come, yeah, don't then just go big all out there because you just going to arm tackle arm tackles going to injure yourself. Beanie. You must make sure that pad stays closed its tending to come away from you go. That's better. I want to see a hook guys. You got a hook and grip I'll explain that a second go. Good. Okay. Let me come again. Once we've got a shoulder in. Okay shoulders in our heads the right position good body position legs are tight boxes arms in okay, we hook so this arm has got a hook in too many of you are leaving it here and not working. You're leaving it there not doing anything with it. You've got it in Hook and then grip with your other hand. So I've now got him now that I've got him. He's in my control and we chase our feet. So guys once we come up we're in head position head position shoulder hook round get right round and grip with the other hand. Okay. So to progress this exercise you guys face that way. Okay. So soon as I say go you're going to turn what's the first thing you want to do? You close the space down if you give the the attacker less opportunities go Nice guys close that space down LZ watch him. Watch his space. Come on go. last one that's good. When I say go I'm going to do that all that you're going to beat these guys as if this is a someone in your way you're staying right where you are. So you're going to come out of this either that way okay all that way and they've got to react but but you've got to go you can't just wait go. Okay. They're going to make a decision go. Nice McHale. Okay, one point. Where's the game line? The game line? Is these guys Mikhail you're tackling back there be any your about here. Okay. Yeah last one. Let's try and get them back over that gain line go. Nice good work. Okay, so P around.