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American Football Touch

Creating new games challenges and motivates players. This game is about getting players to scan and use space

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Okay, if you ask most people what they want to play, it's the kids want to get straight into a game. If it's the seniors ah we want to play Touch? So let's use that and develop our philosophy of coaching around how can we make those match our objectives of what we're trying to develop in a session. Really simple game if you get touch around the waist and pass it's 180 so its up and down. However, you can get two guys that go offside, some of you have played this before with me. So if I'm a green just someone Alex got that way. So if Alex is on there, so go past the line you get two guys that go past it. So we're normally playing rugby, but then Alex is back there we can then pass that ball get that score. So two guys can go off side at any time. Are we happy with thatWhat's our option? Okay stop there alrightblues I what you to come up with a solution that's going to help score some tries.Blue's just in as a group. Green same with you. Then the group how you going to score more tries, but coaches wise. What's what happened? Did anyone notice what they're doing? There's only one going in front and how many of them are actually looking to use them because um, I don't usually get him but actually what we want to do is get their heads up. So see we'll see if they come up with that solution, but actually the benefit of the having the two guys is it drags defenders away from the Frontline and to use that then Defenders have to turn and that becomes a weak position. Okay. Good scoreLovely. So please just a quick one really positive. The fact that you used two guys was a much much more effective way. I often want to stop what we're doing. Sometimes just to have a 30-second chat within our team. We've done that more this season just so everyone gets an understanding of what's going on because largely if we get caught up with yeah, we've got a good game going everyone's really enjoying it. But how much is from 1 to 6 learning. If 4 our learning then through the game then brilliant, but it might just need that 30-second right who you stronger characters go lead. That's that like group discussion. You can come in drop one question. Then you're out and it might help the two guys that struggling a little bit and it's how we can empower them to to lead each other create character and build that rapport then on a field they actually do it because the last thing we want to do is just make drones because when they get to senior rugby or all the rugby from for a matter of fact that they will struggle against players who have got the ability to make those decisions like Connor said you can be as big as you want, but if you don't Understand where to be in a situation. It's worth nothing.