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Conditioned game for offloads

A basic game of offload touch with constraints on how much time the ball carrier has. coaches can vary the rules to get more success / make it easier for the attackers

Video Subtitles

Who carries should constantly look for offload opportunities and support players must work hard on their running lines to support the ball. Here number four takes a good line into space and drives through the tackle before turning and offloading the ball. Come on, where's the offload opportunity? Support Runners must work hard to be available for the offload here 22 has a great opportunity to attack the space and take the ball instead. It goes to ground and the momentum is lost. Several Focus now at picking a whole exploding through the hole using our friend and I'll support players targeting in on the ball from whatever angle you're running your out wide supporting. He attacks the whole how can we link up with him? Can't just stand and watch him go through that hole. You've got a busted got to get there and help him out. Let's play God well done. This time the ball carrier attacks the space really well and the support Runner works hard to be available for the offload. The ball carrier drives through the tackle and passes with two hands. In summary ball carriers must make good decisions in contact. The aim is not to pass at all costs. The ball should be kept safe and into hands before and after contact players should be encouraged to attack and drive through space offloading or passing before contact. Support players must communicate and work hard on their running lines to be available. Defenders should only grip in the tackle applying enough Force to prevent the attacker making unrealistic ground. The defense must stay disciplined and on side to promote a positive attacking.