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Conditioned Touch - Tackler drops to Knee

The condition in this game is for those making the 'tackle' (or touch) to drop to their knee for four seconds before re-joining the game. This should give more space for the attackers to exploit. A good game if you have been working on 2v1 or 3v2 handling exercises.

Video Subtitles

the rest of the top please down here It's just very important that the Defenders go down on one knee please the person that makes the touch the person that makes the touch turns and passes the ball to somebody go down on one knee. Okay, it's really important. That's let's go. One knee pass one me pass. Move the ball carry on reds one knee. Score it. Let's go Blues go leave the ball leaves the ball. Let's go go. Don't wait go. Touched one knee or float carry on one knee pass the ball. What knee Carry On Come On One need only go one need only go excellent jog in the scope. We're going to get back into that same exercise ready.