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England Creating Quick Ball

Eddie Jones manages a game at training focusing on creating quick ball, is this the basis of his attacking game & will it work?

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There's been a lot of debate about using games for for training for skill development for fun enjoyment and problem solving for players throughout the whole game from International Teams Premiership teams, pro teams all the way through to community teams and different age groups. Lots of coaches using games to challenge players. Why are we doing that? A lot of it is because that replicates what the game of rugby happened on a Saturday very rarely does the game repeat itself. So there are clothes skills that we need to work on and they're open skills and games will game sense is about working on those open skills getting players to challenge themselves all the time and what you'll see here is with the England training session is Eddie Jones using a game here to challenges players. It's a bit of a warm-up. It's a bit of fun but it's a serious game the conditions that he's put in he's added a football in so that not only you just using a rugby ball. You're actually using a football so that's presenting different things for the players. Think about to work on is working on quick ball from the break down. So it doesn't matter. The number on the players back is irrelevant the third person into the breakdown has to move the ball quickly. If they don't move the ball within probably half a second to a second and that balls then turned over to the defending side to attack. So that means that they're working in PODS of three. So you got a ball carrier who then has to go to deck when he's touched you then got the second support player has to look after the ball and the third support player is in the acting halfback and moving the ball away. So it's a pretty simple it might be based on a philosophy that he has is that all players should have the ability to one realize when that ball needs to be moved. And then the second thing is that moving that ball quickly. I think most people know is that you can actually move the ball quickly. The defending side is not going to get their defense in in order to get their structure. Right? So the quicker ball that you can play off the better the more attacking options you're going to have So technical breakout session you could run in tandem with this game is in a grid small grid just ask where is the players have to work on passing the ball off the floor? Obviously, we wait to see what happens under Eddie Jones how that it. Does that impact during the Six Nations and I will be interesting to see during the games how many players or forwards especially maybe become the acting halfback?