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Drop touch

Drop touch is perfect for Pre-Season and as a coach you can set a wide variety of conditions just based on this simple game. Add extra fitness drills and set challenges for the attackers, its your choice

Video Subtitles

Touch off you go Charlie stay on side. Touch if you go Neil the mall in and the scrimmaging would be probably one of the last things that I'd go far because I just like to have the ball and running but fundamentals the whole way up as have fun, but I would start the whole way through even to this if I felt that we had guys coming along and the end it's tough. But if they're not coming along and having fun in training I've been challenged in training. Why are they playing? Okay guys, we're just going to play a game now where the person who is touched we'll do a long place with the ball. He will get up and play the ball himself the person who touched him as to retreat to his own try line. Okay, so we'll just play straight away in that vein. What are we going to make sure that we do as a tack is again, Look up and communicate where the spaces are play. touch Ed come on Good Square. Touch off you go Charlie stay on side. touch if you go Neil Good skull Fitness games and a lot of Fitness in between we're looking at the guys who can push it really not just in the fitness, but you can back it up in the games and it tends to be the chirpy ones that aren't the ones you like to chat quite a lot and drive and help each other. Listen second receivers get touch now. It's automatic turnover. Okay play Perry play play. Good. Take It Forward touch Go touch up to go to of you touched him. Go turnover second receiver react. I don't call just for the sake of it touch Harry Potter you go. Good. Good off you go George. And will you both touched him? Go square up Tom? Turn over your ball. Tiziana. React Harrison. Don't run across touch know. There's a turnover. Good good. Well played.