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Fixing Defenders

Starting with a simple 3 man passing drill the coach adds pressure adding fixed defenders and then live defenders, the progressions are intended to be game related. Ask questions to confirm technical points

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What are we trying to get early? What are our principles targets? Do we want to catch the ball early or late catch the ball early. Why do you want to catch the ball early? Okay late and straight as a coach. Sometimes I make a decision to either. Say lots of things and give instructions and sometimes just be quiet and let them get on with it. It's a balance of how you think your style should benefit the players. Okay. So in this exercise, I'm now adding in Defenders rather than using live Defenders that stand around I do anything. I'm actually using some equipment you can use the sausage bags The Tackle bags to use instead of these mannequins. If you don't have them you can use just use poles. If you need to what I'd like you to do is start opposite and man. And then you run towards the hole. Okay, you must pass before the mannequin. You can go through that whole you go through that hole. Let me come out the last exercise when we're doing a skills. You gave me three points. What were those three points depth communication targets? They're the three key fundamentals. Start with you. Moscow nice line good good line. So again as a coach, I'm just being quiet letting them explore this exercise make some decisions hands are getting better. I've done three or four sessions. Okay gradually getting better and better and better when we call. Should we call 9 take away it right? Okay. What about calling a name? George I'm right Carson, I'm left Carson. I'm deep Carson. I'm flat Carson on behind you. It's a personal choice. I'm not saying it should be the choice of you as a coach. I would probably recommend it. Is that cool someone's name first. So you're actually instructing the person you're giving them some details because sometimes you might have the ball. What's your nickname again? Noodle? Okay. First name Dan? Okay. I might be talking to Dan so I might saying Dan get the Boon of get the ball off noodle because I'm going to be supporting you. I want you to have a go and I'll come and support you. Okay, so rather if I then started to say I'm supporting you have a go you might get confused of who I'm talking to. So I'm talking to Dan. Yes. I'm giving you instruction. Let's go fix him. You going to fix that first man to defend up attacker fix the first man? Okay, how did I second defender in so first two men first man second, man. Hey, you guys got to fix the first map, which means running his inside shoulder. You're inside him. Yeah. Okay, Sammy does beautiful Sammy. Like what's what really does here fix the first guy fix the second guy? fix it Nice. Good go. straighten up ball away tall greedy. Come on. That's nice. Okay, really really good really good example will get a second defender in now. Okay second defender in you're taking first and second. You've got to work quite hard. Okay ready? Let's go. good example nice line good example So this exercise is at a bit of a channel exercise getting guys coming around on the outside shoulder moving the ball back fixing the Defenders inside. I've used mannequins, but you can use the sausages. Nice pull away quick ball away quickly pull away quickly ball away. Let's go. Don't wait. Don't wait ball away. Don't wait go with him. Go with him. Nice Sammy Good Sam. You can miss pass. If you want. You can miss pass nice Brady. The attackers can go any given time. It's an emergency. So bit of chaos, so this is we call this the sort of chaos grid. So you got the fenders coming from everywhere attackers coming from everywhere. nice line good Himes time when the player might be in and around contact it shorter passes, but it's quick passes. Just as you as you flick it the ball just sits sits there. So when when I were coming in tight tight pass, I just leave it. I just leave it for you. So you it's not spinning. It's not doing that. It's actually just sitting there for you to take it but the fundamentals of the game will never change its catch its kick. It's past its doing your Basics young players get bored doing the basics if they focused on doing the basics that have no problems in any level of the game.