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Lots of passing progressions to test players off all abilities. The exercises should be challenging and fun. Apply some targets (Do 10 of these) to keep the focus

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Okay, so we got some straightforward passing exercise to do at home off we go. Good concentration this time let's count to 10 10 passes. Who's counting. Let's try and get to 10 quicker ready. Hold the ball here. And then you got to push the ball out from the side push push. So what they're not doing is using that elbows wrists and arms forearms back same thing without going to the side push the ball. So the boy on the left hand side is using his wrists. To move the ball, which is the basis of the push pass. So here not to cut coaches talking about a push past. This is a push past. So there's no spin. It's a stellar push pass. So the first boy is move slightly sidewards and they're starting to move in together. So as a dad or a coach hold it there boys just face forwards keep your hips and the shoulders straight and now let's parcel. The only thing can move is your head. You can move your head but not your hips and shoulders. Okay, let's turn around and face the other side so working off the other hand. Let's go. We're going on a triangle. We brought the sister the two boys in nice pass. So this time pass sit down. Get back up again. Really quickly. Ready go. Well. Okay hold it there. So this time I have a bit of fun, which is good so I can do this at home. Let's try it with the Press up ready go. Okay. Now we've just added it. We're going to add an extra ball in so they can now pass in a circle ready go. What's really good is that the hands out so they're catching the ball really early. The girl is probably come from the but in netball or the catch and passing the tennis now, the next challenge is can we do all three at once? Okay now that was really good. Well done. Fantastic new report dad in I got your finest 3. So this ball goes back and forwards? Okay, and then once you've passed that one there that one goes to Bertie the British stand there a little bit. They're just this side because this Bulls going here and this one's just going back and forth. That one goes quite yet. So here we've ever acts a size where one person boy on the left hand side is the one working the two balls dad and the younger brother of passing between them. The head of the pyramid the head of the triangle calls a really good exercise for hand-eye coordination. Lots of thinking little bit of what we call chaos. But the man that keeps the person that keeps the tempo will be the dad or elder brother. We're now going to progress to spin passes. Let's go. What were your what's your favorite exercise? What was the favorite thing you like doing that the one where you just doing that a minute ago where you are passing behind? Okay.