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Jonathan Joseph - Improve Player Skills

Holidays are the perfect time to get stuck into some individual skills and this clip provides a few ideas and advice from leading players

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Well, but there are a lot of players, you know, I can think of right now that you know, if played Premiership rugby played International would being haven't been the most talented players, you know, but they've worked just incredibly hard and the amount of effort you can see it in training you can see it off the pitch the amount of effort they put in because they know themselves, you know, they're not the best at doing this or that but the work effort they put in the amount of heart. They they play with on the field is is immense when they're at home to do lots of hand-eye coordination little skill practices. They're very simple, but they make a massive difference and I can be fun and they can be rewarding. There are some things you can do on your own or players can do on their own. There's some things you can do with your brother your sister your mom your dad and I would rest personally recommend doing that sort of thing firstly because obviously I'm a play I play Everyday our past so it's not about a hundred pastors off each and every day at least and then kick in probably 15 to 20. Each time and then the day you might reverse it do more kicking the you do parsing but you need to be practice every single day to get better. Here are some really good practices that you can use while you're on those brakes and it does make a difference. There is some research that says that to master a skill takes 10,000 hours of practice. So you can imagine how many times someone has to catch a pass the ball to improve their skill sets.