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Sale Sharks - The Breakdown Experts

The breakdown is the key to the game, whether you're trying to provide your attack with quick ball, or slow down the opposition, the breakdown is a crucial part of the game and one that deserves the attention of all coaches

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I think you know january/february. The pictures are a bit boggy light is all today and that contact her and you know, it comes a bit of a real dogfight in that area. So, you know, I got to be really stronger and I think that will be key to us, you know, Festival next couple of months going forward is that you know, middle units really strong Around The Rookery ER, you know, making sure we don't get breach through the rock or by the nines and then giving our age Defenders enough confidence to to really get fired on the edges and shook teams down and we can have because we have got some really good. Jackals in our team. You know, we've got some really good news for Words Snuffy's light, please. Clean I wrote that's better. Well your rules guys. Make sure you're swapping roles. Get past his heels get those Shields Billy keep fighting TJ. That's it could carry Tommy Taylor defensive coaches, very abrasive in the things that we do. So again most coaches of the same. Really, I think there's a little bit of fluff talk. If you get these revolutionary coaches in the games played by the players and it's a game for players coaches just point me in the right direction, you know, I secondary clear out, he's got a bit. We've got it, you know really head for the ball and get his body over the ball and get rid of the threats second to clean and secure the ball and in the right place get rid of it. Nathan good little body position. What's wrong? Sorry TJ. Can you do to make sure you get through it, you know combinations change little bit. So it's somewhat for us going farther, you know, it take it back to basics and I suppose second half of the season. It's always a good time to go back to to your course. Often build out again. We're going to count Iraq. I'll win the ball. We just counter up beyond the ball when you're ready guys. Let's go. Give you every other day to get beyond the ball roll away. Clean it all the way that he uses. Stay strong. Good Jackal well, Don. Can I get a high-five TJ Cannonball TJ? That's the wall the balls were in the daylight battle. Well, duh, they can get your feet. That's really go through. Can you feet well done? Yusei. Well done guys. It's also whole thing bigger area first this way.