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Simple Passing Exercises & Games

The Wasps coaches use a mixture of games and drills to develop the passing skills of young players. Players are encouraged to respond to questions. Games are used to improve the learning experience

Video Subtitles

Oh you're trying to do is score by passing to one of your teammates in any one of these four boxes. You can't score in the same box consecutively. So as soon as you pass to one of your teammates in the Box, you've got a tack another box. Yeah, Green's the blacks and whites Jordans a floater if you pass to him or green pass to him, he's got a pass to another green if black Pastor you you got a pass to one of them. So you're playing for both teams get it you good good. Great question. You can't run with the ball. All right spread out then find a space. Net for Rose you're not within the meteor of them. You can intercept you can Pat it down. right could intercept yeah one nail to grades. Turn over that green ball hit the deck. nice movement Luke hard Luck Give you that well done. Let's go one or the objective here really is it's just that they got to concentrate on two things at one time. So they've got to concentrate on the footwork obviously and the catch and pass at the same time. So, you know, like any sort of skill development if you make it harder and training than it is in an actual game in the should be able to implement that easier in a game right just going to change it up a little bit. So now you got a pass with your with your dominant hand you can only pass one hand. We're going to be able to throw big long passes know just little short passes. So one hand behind your back dominant hand to start with okay play. Greenville Yeah, I'll give you that. Improvise around the back if you need to. But skills Jordan nice ball. Good, okay. Guys, why do you think I'm getting you to pass with one hand a lot? Yeah. Okay stops Ascend in the big loopy pass. Yeah fair enough. Yep, got to work harder to off the ball because you can't pass the far giving more options. Yeah, I reckon like 70% of off loads of done with one hand. Okay, you're handing off or you get that hands-free and Sony bills case is probably a hundred percent of off loads of done with one hand. So if you if you can if you're comfortable with the ball, you're going to be a better off loader and to make it's going to be harder this time last one. Okay, two minutes offloading with your non-dominant hand. Yeah. This exercise is darker catch and pass drill, but with the added skill of the footwork involved and getting them to rotate pull the past deep. Good nice Phyllis good. Boys keeping their hips Square well here so rather than crabbing across to the receiver. They're actually keeping their hips Square which is good for fixing the defense. Soft Josh just hang it up there, mate. Well Rick, he's doing here is he's obviously got a feeder either side and the guy coming down the middle is just trying to get him to alter the weight of his past some time. You'll come short to receive the ball. Which case is really got to push the past and sometimes you'll receive the ball a bit wider and take a bit of weight off the past. So it's just adjusting the weight of the past what it's all about. Really? The feed has got a very important role here as well because although the theaters tend to get lazy because they don't think they're working but actually the quality of their past will often determine how well the receiver passes on to the second drop to the third guy.