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Strong Body Position for Scrummaging - Full Session

Revisiting the finer techniques can help to build the overall strength of your set piece, and your attack. Before even getting to the scrum machine, you can develop your players strength through their body position.

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Picked up by he's sips avoid a sense of space and start of the game. It has to be the set piece for any any modern day forward. The set piece has to be where you start your game. We're going to work on our core strength. Okay. So in Years Gone by we've to scrummage. We're not with nice white with a wide bind. We're going to work on igniting Now call your core muscles. It's these are pushing muscles. I'm gonna push you back there trying to tense up and trying to push him back. Okay easy, right this time by notion short. Okay. I'm going to the same push you back again. Okay ready? How to go easier you might have thought I didn't push it out that that table he did much stronger understand. Do you agree the tiger pay I do a little bit differently guys watch. The first thing it goes into scrimmage as a forward ahead. Okay, tell her power starts from the ground I disagree, but that's rugby. That's a great thing about rugby. We all have different opinions about things. Okay, if it's all the same people in one day. So for me, we need to get a reading like no me on the journey was trying to push you back. So I want you to push your head into my hand. Okay, so push push push hard as you can push inside you can I can move in what we want and okay, simply once he loses his head and he's spying goes he's lost. That's the end of his day. Yeah, so this time I want you to put your tongue on it with your mouth. Okay by doing that ignites another nine muscles in his neck. Okay, so keep it to keep your tongue out of your mouth same again. Yeah, okay. So we're going to go check list like to tell you about our and we'll start the checklist from above. So the first thing about checklist is well turn out with their mouth under contact. Go ahead ahead. The first thing we got to go, right? Okay. So join us. Imagine, you've got this come for me. But just much go go down gradually go into the scrum. Don't move yet stand up stand up. Don't move your head. What do you think about his head position? That's it was Edwards. What do we think about that? What is a week Max? Yeah, the human body has to have the spine like to push to be strong. We don't walk around like I do we or some of you do but we don't walk and like I know so likewise. We should be pushing go down again it down and find we imagine we were a pair of spectacles like you perspective goals. We're trying to look over the top of them or look for your eyebrows. Okay. So first thing we're looking for is overhead. What else we can well we're looking for next. Spartan well done. What's up Dre? Yeah. Yeah. What else? What do you think about that fellas? Maybe remember we said about igniting our core elbows point in the ground to at 90 degrees are like yeah what Ben is back like a tank? He's looking angry cat at the moment any shoulder blades and scaps imagine you go knowledge between the shoulder blades and we're doing that get your elbows in like a good night. You look good. It's gaps gaps gaps are inch Ed don't drop that better or worse than when we started if we touch the screen machine yet. We haven't. Okay. So Sunday mornings when you coach says yes at the Scream Machine is simple all steady coach. Let's get the technique go first. Good light. We've got to read because it's caps. We would like to the core the next thing that was a pelvic tilt. So we're going to do is this section Push It Forward? Yeah, so she actually pushing it forward. You can all try it. Try it. So all were doing is they're standing straight push it forward. So you're pushing it but you're pushing it back side back and getting getting it Forward again that straightens out spine. Okay. So we're going to really good scoring position. This would be a bad is going to be in position. Let's go as opposed to this. You got head a neutral here, so I'm not looking up and I'm not looking down underneath me. I'm just looking straight down at the ground. I can look at the top of my eyes to see where I'm going. I got my chips caps pull back together, which push my chest out of a nice big strong chest. They've got my feet my feet soon. This will shoulder width apart. I got my knees underneath me which means it when I go to push I can go down and forward and then Chase my feet up something just bit. It's a bit more about comfort and what we're trying to achieve Okay, so we've done two tight like He's become too far apart. So it's where you're comfortable and we can get that good good scoring position. So what do you think about this gentleman here? Maybe it may be a tad too far apart. Let me put him in a bit Yeah, so let's go to imagine you go into the scrum. They will end we might remember a checklist course gaps. head pelvic tilt get them elbows in elbows pointing the ground elbows pointing the ground. What we think about his body position. His knees bent if I put if I push him there. Yeah, well she bent where is he? Where is he? Where is he bending from me? Yeah come up mate. Where do you think perhaps we should bend from as a prop flexibility in the hips very important just so you can get a nice profile sort of pre and post engagement mainly pre-engagement. So you can find a nice balance position before you actually engage in the fight been if I bend from the knees first. It's really difficult then to get into a good indoor goods from his position. If we bend the hips first Bender hips Fender hipsters, maybe a pelvic tilt hips first and then bend your knees you like the more flexible. You are more Mobility. You've got the easier. It will become if we touch the screen machine yet. We haven't. Okay. So Sunday mornings when you co chairs hit the scrub machine is simple all steady coach. Let's get it.