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Stuart Lancaster: Coaching Philosophy

The England coach talks about why a philosophy is important and what his views are

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Ruby's a lot about psychology mindset players and it's about getting the mindset right in place and get the technical content work as well. So too many times as coaches we under prepare for our sessions and we end up doing the job half. Well we call where frustrating for the owner filtration which is obviously not with the players but we ourselves will be thoroughly prepared. I have said agreed to our Basics. I was working with the meeting yesterday and I was watching some of the passing skills lost thinking but good enough and it's a basic fundamental skill. So the basics of critical we need to get them right at the youngest age. We need our best coaches working at the youngest age because having worked through that Continuum and having been involved in the continuing on myself as a as an unrelenting coach. I know, you know having worked exceptionally hard to try and improve the skills of our players. It's a never-ending Journey, but it's not just about passing is about catching this but really it's about evasion as well kick in its the whole gamut but The Gators built a basic foundations and if you get those right and very strong place to build women and in a country like England with a plain base that we've got if we can have as many quality coaches as possible working at the bottom of the Continuum. I can guarantee the England head coach will be happy mother. Whether it's an under 11 or whether it's in England player, there's not really a difference for me. It's probably important to determine ought to decide to destroy the coaching philosophy in a plane forcibly. So playing philosophy. We would be your own field decision-making about what how you believe the game should be played. Your coaches loss is more about your field culture if you like and don't and how you feel that culture should be created what's important to the to your culture and your values and what players fit that culture and so, you know, that's my coaching philosophy in mind very much about no egos hard work be humble respectful will be tough be strong work as a team.