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Tackle Technique 3/5 - Drive Through

This stage looks at tackler maintaining a square body position and following their feet to drive through.

Video Subtitles

Just stopping and that's good enough and that this player to run right through we're going to try and use our feet to purchase or chasing our feet. There's another Expressions being used to get it through the contact area as well. Okay, good excellent feet to purchase and drive it through. Good. Good, good. Good. Well done, just give him a little split to to give him the courage of good. Well Dad had as close as possible. Keep the eyes open. Remember safety all the time fellas good. Okay, rest up that just stay where you are. How can we make it easier for ourselves if we can a drive-through? What do we need to do? Hip Square. So imagine you've got a belt buckle on there. You want it facing straight through the middle of the target soon as we start turn it sideways and push it you will tell me to find it hard. Yes, so we want to keep that belt buckle as Square as possible and we want to drive straight through okay off we go. Good, excellent. Well done slashing. Let him drive you through good well done.