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Tackling 6 - Revision of Tracking and Basic Technique

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Practice 6 is intended to revise our tracking and tackling techniques learnt in the previous exercises three attackers with suits and shields are controlled by the coach with hand movements. The fenders must track their opposite player communicate and make the tackle together. Okay, good back ego. Good well, Dad. Good Defenders should work together as a line tracking their opponent and should aim to tackle the shields at the same time individually players should focus on tackle techniques learned in previous exercises. Good nice tracking fellows. Well done. Okay. God okay. Well done fellas communication is key stay in line drag your opponent and make the tackle together players should concentrate on practicing the tackle sequence from practice five. So far we've concentrated on the basic tackle technique and Defenders should now be able to track an attacker and adopt the correct foot position and body position to execute a safe and effective tackle.