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Tackling Game

A full-contact game with uncontested breakdowns, conditioned to have one team attacking for an extended time. The focus is on the defenders, who each have two tennis balls, to concentrate on their tackle technique.

Video Subtitles

Last two minutes boys over we come back to our pitch need one ball. Okay, all the blues get tennis balls, please two tennis balls when you make a tackle when you make a tackle. You must stay on the floor for 4 seconds. The there's only one person allowed in the tackle. There is no break down. This is not a breakdown game. Okay one tackle one, man. Let's go. Play forts. I bolt just play just play. one tackler one tackler Nice tackle offload red bananas going to go to read scoring Reds. You're offloading one tackle one tackler. Good try and good tackle. Okay, read your off this spool again. Let's go. Yep. one tackler one player nice Perfect. Really? Well done. Okay Blues leave the balls leave the tennis balls here. Red's grab a tennis ball blues at the top. Want a clerk who's gonna get their great tackles blue ball. one tackler one tackler I think you're into touch. Okay, what did you enjoy out of that? You like the tackling you always like the tacking. Okay, what about fixing players the handling? I thought some of that was excellent. It's really good. Okay, as I've said before it's really important because some of your tackle technique does need working on and you'll become much better tacklers and much better rugby players if you keep working on that side,