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Tom Wood on Tackle Technique

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His Smith tries of hitting from the Ingham place it in general. It's important to not only gain, well, you know, you always want to get that ascendancy early on you want to plant it in the referees mind that you are the dominant team therefore more penalties or perhaps go your way and you know, there's no better way of setting the tone and with a big tackle as a back road player. It's always a focus of ours trying to get that early hitting give you up an opportunity for possible turnover as well which obviously big Parts about roleplay trying to tackle low. So the guy hits the ground quickly particular on big men, if you don't take them low, they'll leg drive through contact there. Perhaps get a handoff in and there's always potential that they'll get the ball away slightly higher hit because he's a bit more static. So tackling somebody really low in that in that situation is difficult because you don't have any momentum sometimes tackling some of those better when they've got momentum The Cure and read example against the All Blacks once again pretty similar to my knee. I'm slightly in this blind spot. So I Men and try and spot him as he catches the ball hoping to force an error or if not just, you know, make a good low tackle. So my my team can reset the defensive line and perhaps gifts Orleans and other the ball for a shot. You know, I'm not trying to necessarily pick somebody up and driving backwards or you know, do a horizontal Courtney laws s tackle. I'm just trying to chop them low make a good solid tackle so that the guys around me can compete for the ball and reset the defensive line, you know, if you know somebody's capable of a good offload and holding their feet then you perhaps a just your type of technique if you know itself, it's a forward perhaps a big crop that's not renowned for its handling skills or wet conditions. Then you can you can take that little bit of extra line speed because it's unlikely he's going to be able to just give quick hands or do something particular intricate. So you take into account the weather conditions the speed of the ball and you know, is he on the front foot running onto it who's around you have you got numbers that you could just Trace out the line and go put pressure on somebody or are you in a lot of space and therefore have to perhaps give a little bit of ground and buy some time for your support to get with you. I consider myself quite as Tucker I'm not necessarily the biggest hitter out there. I try and put some some Venom into my tackles when I can but you know, I pride myself on not really missing money. You know, I missed tackle doesn't sit well with me there's various circumstances where missed tackles okay here with England if you're going forward if you're racing off the line and somebody steps you because you're going with so much energy and putting so much pressure on them that they step you but get hit by somebody else. That's okay because collectively you're putting an awful lot of pressure on you know, if you're missing tackles going backwards and adjusted and getting sidestepped and or bumped off in the tackle, you know, that's unacceptable as particularly if you're going to wear number six on your back.