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Zig Zag Passing Challenge

This passing exercise is weird, extremely tough to do but will take your players out of their comfort zone and challenge them, can your players master it?

Video Subtitles

We call it a zigzag where we're trying to put the ball give a bit more a spatial awareness for the boys put the ball in front try and get the composure on the ball. It the angles are always changing the players always in a different position. He's always getting late or early and it's just about having that composure and soft hands on the ball. We're using it as part of the warm up really just to get the legs going give them time to have a bit of a stretch off as well. We're looking to put the ball in the space. So not only is it an accurate pass but we're also putting the ball so that were coaxing this player onto it. So we're going to put it in front of him. So when I set off you more or less set off and then when he sets off you set off set off and it's just continuous so it'll go this way come. Yeah, so I put it in front and again pull it back. Pull it back. No no, no, no run straight run straight. No, no, no runs straight on that code now to Tom. Yeah now, Yo go so no food passes. Okay, and we're pulling it back. You always run, right? So once you've passed the ball, you always join the cone to your right. Okay same here. So you'll always join here and then back there back there. No food passes run straight runs straight. Don't run diagonal. Good go go go go go. Good, Denzil run straight Denzel. Don't run across. At run straight Diggie. Yeah, do we have to rush this? No, there's never any Panic on the ball. Yeah, because if I get it here and the blokes in front of me, then I can take another couple of moons. And I know I could pull it back five meters same as I would in a game. I'd still hit the target doesn't matter where he is and that's what we're trying to get. This is varying all the time. So we've got to identify where he is put it in front of him. Okay, and it's that spatial awareness that we're trying to get here. Everyone's got to run straight and not diagonal. So as we're closing up the past as well. Okay, but it's about having composure on the ball. Just think about that nice soft hands were still positive with the past were not looping it yet. We're still positive with the past and we're pushing it through let's get some composure on the ball last couple of minutes for in the middle for in the middle. Someone go. Okay ready? Let's go. Come on, that's it running straight, please Nathan good Denzel running straight. Put the comb back though. Come on composure. No rush talk to him. Did he? Come on? Tell him you want it? Tell him you want?