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New Rules of Play - U7s

The rules for the Under 7's in England have changed. The new rules focus on having a game coach who has far more flexibility in making games fun and positive. Official matches are now 4 a side which makes sense. View this video to see how this works in practise

Video Subtitles

Look at in the sevens. They've got big thing called a game coach. Okay, so we're getting away from having a coach behind a team coach behind the team referee in the middle. Okay, we've got one person whose game coaching both teams. You're not there as a referee you there to promote positivity involvement and actually enjoyment of the game. So as you can see, we've got a large pitch which could be split in force under seven pitches a game coach could if you wanted to manage all for and give the opportunity to parents you might want to try and get involved in rugby to actually game coach the games you as the get you as the actual overall coach could look over and offer advice actual technical development, but the game coach is there to promote positivity and actually talk to the kids and help them it isn't about referee and so it's not strict on rules. It's more about positive coaching points that they can actually learn from so it's giving them the experience instead of just offering referee and rules bang bang bang under 7s. Seven is for before. It's I'm just making the pitch might kind of a midi midi between under seven and under eight. It's just completely what you want to do as a coach as well. You make it really a little bit bigger a lot bigger just depends how you want to see it as a coach, right? So I'm going to read on this side. We're yellows in this size. The Only Rule is that you gotta pass backwards why you gotta pass backwards. Okay, so we're looking try and pass towards our touch that I try line just remind me cuz I'm coaching a while what you have to do when you tag someone. Shout out why you gotta shout sug? Brilliant, so that's why red sores got a free pass. He wants it. Yeah. Okay 3 2 1 wait. Hold on onofre's breads breads on you took your bibs in or whatever. It took their bibs into the belts to the minutes to hard to see everyone Prego. Have a run. Have a run. Great step touch that attack that nice. pack that let's go ahead try that. Well done good school yellow. It's gonna be all pull from middle. He was in the process of score and so he scored late. Great Runner good footwork goose with kind of go all the way try that. Well Turner's give me a free pass to Red's brilliant. Swerve 3 C1 Plus off bleh. Nice good footwork. Keep going. Tag tag got a pass. Great footwork. Keep going. Nice good work tag - free pass go. Can you score? Try that Well Done Right. What's the rule with tags? When you tag you do you up is everyone here giving the tax back right when we're talking someone what we gotta do? Okay, you got to give it back to them. You can't throw on the floor. I've seen two or three tags in the floor. It's not good sportsmanship just throw around and makes it a lot harder for them to play. So what to make sure you tag. So when you got there, there's your tag you both out yet. There's e-tag you take it and then we back it and it's and okay keep adding new things as the kids get better. You might want to introduce stuff like you've got to make five passes everyone on the team's got a pattern of touch the ball. This is your grid. You've got to get 10 passes as a team together to get one point. You can run any direction you can pass any direction. If someone touches you you've gotta pass it will say, okay, it's fine. Let's say this one or two minutes when you're back in the game. It's going to be red bull man in the back there go from their play. One looking at ten passes pass up to three yellows five. Okay. Tuna will play for my yellows was you support one? Brilliant good past two three. Don't have to be on you pass any direction. Five brilliant passes good catches, six seven. Can we get to 10? Hey, it's okay. Two more nine coming up one more person 10 brilliant good pass. Ooh, brilliant. Have a run. three fantastic have a roadway to space. What was hard for me do it was yeah. Okay, what's God but what will you do? Next time don't have to stand still if there's nothing happening. I'm gonna run off. Yeah come with me come with me come with me. Then we look too fast. He could have just run it's simple as but you could just gone right? I'm gone. I'm gone. I'm gone and we look to pass. Okay, so that's what you want to see running and passing. Okay play from there one have a run have a run. Yeah. Yeah to brilliant. Have a run. Where's the support? Where's the support? Three fun to Yellow bull play for me. Next points The Winner full good Sally could run good support five. Brilliant my support nice good run against six. Where's he supposed to lie? 700 great and lucky red keep going. So how do we get around people there? Running the space. Fantastic. Who did it really? Well, so your man over there when you got the poor you run right in the space Brilliance. That's what we're looking for in rugby when we're going to go back into that game. What do you think you want you to do people passing and running give me high five pass on to the day that it's too many things. I want to see so yellows that side regicide last five minutes. Okay play from that go now United on that guy got a pass. Oh, Keep going great size step. Try that. Well done - when you answer a few questions for me, what kind of things were looking to do with people today? Hold on what things were using passing and what else running brilliant? Why do you want to do them to things and Rigby? School tries blind, but in those things why what you're passing whatever you said over. Where do you pass and run into? Brilliant. Okay. So if you take neck anything in the next week is that when you to run and pass into space it's all about evasion. Okay, good work guys. Well done with that age, you're basically teaching them how to learn basic things while keeping enjoyment literally the biggest focus of the session with coaching. A lot of people will stick to rules regulations sideline stuff like that. We're trying to promote positive rugby. So just get them involves much you can use constant praise and really pick on the positives if you can find something constructive then say it but make sure that you understand why don't just say it for the reason of saying it should have passed back. He's not going to know what that means. So you've got to really pinpoint what you want to happen, but keeping it positive. So use that kind of cheeseburger effective something positive how you could do it better. So in positive again, so with that it was more about letting them problem solve and just get on with it if I just stand there and say you need a pass for you need to do this. They will learn eventually keep bringing the rules in over the year keep adding new things as the kids get better. You might want to introduce stuff. Like you've got to make five passes. Everyone on the team's got a pattern of touch the ball just little things like that when the kids learn and grow they'll naturally start to want to do that and push themselves. So that's when you can start influence the session as a coach, maybe make a little bit harder maybe expand the pitch if you want a bit more expansive running or just little things as opposed to just sit them in a drill and saying run around the car and run around the cone. Again, we looked at the whole pot hole for the session. We focused on how it beat someone who either running or passing then we actually looked at a passing specific game, which they didn't realize they were doing they didn't realize what what why how it was benefiting. But if you as a coach then step in and say well what have you done there to be a man? And if they pick up our past the ball then brilliant that means that they've used that little game and they can then take it actually into the further game.