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Passing in pairs

To get young players used to passing and catching the ball. This is best suited to a warm up exercise and get the players moving and active quickly

Video Subtitles

right guys New quick game. All right, we're going to be passing in pairs. All right, where did we catch the ball? Usually where we supposed to catch the ball? Yes. All right where your chest is where your target is? All right, everyone. Show me a targets. All right, why do we take it there and not down there or up there? Sorry might not catch it properly. Also, where's our head facing? Alright, my head's up there trying to catch them all their heads down there trying to catch the ball there, but we're heads here. What can I see what's in front of me? Who's in front of me? I can't of the opposition. All right where the spaces are so in here will be working in pairs, or I'm going to tell you for one minute. You've got to be moving in that one minute. Okay in our smaller grid. All right, you've got to try and make as many passes as possible. All right up to that chest area. Okay two hands on the ball fingertips on the ball the 10 points of contact. All right, everyone understand. Alright. So on this half then on this half ready. Let's go one two, three four. Five, let's go this move it. Let's try and get in between some people. That's it. Nice. Well done. Let's move it around. Freeze that freezer how many we get 25? He said no, he didn't do it properly what I said. 36 42 22. Well done. Well done.