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Rugby Netball with 4 Goals

In this game of 'rugby netball' (or 3D touch), use four goals instead of 2, to encourage more movement around the pitch and for players to learn spacial awareness and communication.

Video Subtitles

boys over with me Really good start really good start now we're going to come back to that exercise. This is just one. Try line yellows greens whites. Don't you also see the little squares there the goals. Okay. This is called rugby netball and you can pass that you can pass and run with the ball when you get touched, you've got one second to pass the ball pass the ball to someone in the goal everyone clear on that. You must pass the ball to someone in there that we go. Where the ghost the ghost go to pass? No score Red Bull Red Bull leaving their Red Bull. You got to pass run run or pass Ronald pass Ram. Pass, where's the go one point one point he pink ball. It's pink ball. It's pink ball. Go where the gold. Where's the free goals go red sky red passed to him dropped it pinball pinball where the goals where are the goals now? The girls are here. You can't go on the same one. Where the goes where the goes pass pass to him know you're outside you're inside. That's a Score 1 mil Big Bowl which way where we going which go we're going to pink ball where the three goals. No Red Bull, if you go the other three goals the other three goals. Pass. Okay on the job. Can I have the pool? Anyone tell me? When it didn't go well when that game didn't go well you rushing right anything else? Lobbing the passes that was it's what we try and do big long passes the game didn't work. So what should we try and do little short passes? So what we're going to do we're going to come out now, I'm going to some passing again. But when we come back into this game, we're going to do what short little passes right back over we go now.