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Scarecrow Tag

A good warm up game, especially for young players, that encourages spacial awareness and evasion skills.

Video Subtitles

Alright, so we're going to be playing scarecrow tag. You're it first. Wait here. You guys off you go find some space off you go tagger. Very good. Look for space. Keep your heads up. Keep your heads up. That's good. Oh, look at this. He's done it. He's done it. All right. Wow, that's a record. Off you go find some space, off you go two hands two hands all that's good running. Well you got somebody and stop look at that is not as you are finding space really. Well, should we make it more interesting to taggerrs now? Are you ready? Stay in the area? Well done. That was good. I like the way you moving your feet. And stop. Okay when I say stop absolutely freezing. We'll see who's closest and who's in the big distance away.